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Only 300 years ago Belfast was a small village tucked away into to a lough and river valley. Today it is a very lively city and, despite an uncomplimentary portrayal in the media over the last 30 years, a safe city too. It has a famous shipbuilding industry (Titanic was built here) and a vibrant student culture. As the dust left from Belfast’s troubled history begins to settle, it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

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Belfast City Reviews

  • 80%



    I only spent one night in Belfast but I enjoyed what I did have the time to see of the city. There is a lot of history here and an energy of a strong, vibrant people. I would recommend the Titanic Belfast Museum if you are stopping in Belfast for a visit. It is a brand new museum with TONS of cools things to offer, not just about the Titanic but also about Belfast and how important ship building is to the culture and history of the city. Great place!

  • 60%


    Belfast in 5 days

    Been to Belfast past week for a couple of things. On the first place offcourse "The Troubles", because this is very present history. Did this with a black cab tour what I definitely can recommend! Visited also the Titanic shipyard (not the museum: to expensive) but this was to overrated in mine opinion. And from Belfast it is one hour to Newcastle (Northern Ireland) where you can hike through the Mourne Mountains!

    Insider Tip:Newcastle in Northern Ireland, one hour with the bus from Belfast and beautiful view ( on a good day ) from the Slieve Donard mountain

  • 80%


    Nice Views

    We were in Belfast for two days and were greatly pleased. Everything is within walking distance, the people were fantastic, and the city is beautiful. There is quite a bit to do. I recommend sitting in the park near the University. It is peaceful, pretty, and relaxing.

  • 80%


    Nice place, plenty ot see and do.

    I work in Belfast, used to live in it, drink in it regularly too. Theres plenty of things to do here, Try and get on one of the bus tours, or the taxi tours, and you can see all the murals, and the different areas of Belfast. I would recommend going down to the docks, do the Titanic tour, in my opinion its only workth it, if you can do an actual tour of the shipyard, but sont let me put you off it. Plenty of cinmeas to head to, Odyssey, Dublin Rd, City side, loads of museums, bars etc etc.

    Insider Tip:If you want to travel cheaply, you can get a day ticket on the metro buses (£3.90), buy it before 9.30 am, or after 7 pm monday to friday, cheap as chips, also, bus tours, the city sightseeing hop on hop off thing is good if you are clueless about Belfast, used the same thing in Dublin once, you will see plenty, and you'll have some compere to give you a run down of the place. Pints of good beer are going to be about £4.00, wetherspoons or an off licence is cheaper, dont get too wasted, too hard to get i

  • 80%



    Beautiful city, was easy to get around. The people were friendly and willing to answer questions and the tourist inquiries was centrally located.

    Insider Tip:Do a tour of the causeway, it is a must see. Also Ryan's bar has amazing food for great prices, really enjoyed it there.

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