City Guide Belfast, Northern Ireland

Visiting Belfast

Only 300 years ago Belfast was a small village tucked away into to a lough and river valley. Today it is a very lively city and, despite an uncomplimentary portrayal in the media over the last 30 years, a safe city too. It has a famous shipbuilding industry (Titanic was built here) and a vibrant student culture. As the dust left from Belfast’s troubled history begins to settle, it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

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Belfast City Reviews

  • 90%


    Great city!

    This is a great alternative to busy Dublin! It is a lot less busy, but there is still a ton to do and a great night life! People are very welcoming, and there is a very rich history of the town. It is easy to navigate and easy to get to (a 10 euro bus from Dublin via Aircoach).

    Insider Tip:Become friends with the locals, i.e. people working at your hostel, because they know the best spots to go for a great Belfast nightlife experience!

  • 60%


    small but interesting

    Quite small, walkable city. Ulster museum is interesting and the churches, monuments and city hall are worth a look. Titanic is pricy but really interesting.

    Insider Tip:Giants' causeway day trip = great Pop into the greenhouse if you're walking through the botanic gardens -gorgeous flowers!

  • 90%



    Belfast was beautiful, only got to spend 1 day there while passing through. The people of Belfast were all so friendly and the Titanic museum was terrific!

    Insider Tip:Spend more than 1 day!

  • 80%


    Belfast city and the Great Causeways

    The city center itself is full of nice places and parks, you can easily spend a long weekend there and never run of things to do ! I would most definitely recommend 2 things: the Belfast Titanic and the Giant's Causeway.

    Insider Tip:When you get to the Causeway by bus, they might try to sell you a ticket: DON'T buy it ! It's only for the exhibition which is nice but not worth the price. You do NOT need it to go down the shore and see the Causeway =)

  • 100%


    LOVED it.

    I fell in love with Belfast very quickly. The night life, the people, the mentality, all so grand. They also had their christmas market set up at city hall and some great shopping. Down by the river is gorgeous and the Titanic Exhibition is something to see for sure.

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