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While it was synonymous with a divided Germany for so many years in the past, Berlin now symbolizes the unification of the country. Today the German Parliament sits here to discuss issues affecting the country just footsteps away from the Brandenburg Gate, a reminder of both division and unity. The German capital also makes for the perfect city destination, with plenty to do both before and after dark.

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Berlin Podcasts

Berlin - On Museumsinsel

Located at the top of Unter den Linden in Berlin, Museumsinsel is where you will find the German capital's main museums. These include the Altes Museum and Pergamonmuseum. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Mechtild Kronenburg from the National Museums of Berlin to find out about these museums and more.

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Germany Videos

How to save money in Munich

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Berlin Pocket Guide

Berlin Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Berlin City Reviews

  • 90%


    Berlin a better place

    Berlin perse is a large city, moving around is easy and the people are great. Getting to the berlin wall was quite difficult but it was a great city with the modern infrastructures and great, great history!

    Insider Tip:Currywurst began here, might as well try one. Better visit the berlin wall and see how amazing it is.

  • 90%


    Modern, interesting city with history

    Really interesting city, with history (berlin wall, World War II), fantastic museums (Pergamon Museum, etc.), and more. I recommend Madame Tussauds - great fun with taking photos :) Berlin is nice, clean city, U-bahn, S-bahn and buses make it easy to explore, you can travel from one side of city to another in short time. There is many trees, nice buildings and monuments. One disadvantage: that smell from sewages...

  • 90%


    Two days and a half in Berlin :)

    Berlin, the capital of Germany is a vivid city that never sleeps. It combines modern time and history, the atmosphere is relaxing. It is a real pleasure to walk the spacious streets of Berlin. Don't miss Gendarmenmarkt platz and Potsdamer Platz. If you are a history geek you will definitely like The Museum Island. For 7 Euro enter the Berliner Dom and enjoy the view from the top. Great place! For two days you can see a lot, but there is also much left. I hope I can go back some day :)

    Insider Tip:After you buy your ticket for S-Bahn or train you have to validate it in the small device on the station (it is usually next to the ticket selling machine) Plan at least 2 hours per museum on Museum Island, they are really huge. If you are nearby visit the pub Deponie (http://www.deponie3.de/), in medieval style, great beer, atmosphere and service.

  • 80%


    Take a day lose a week

    Make one thing clear, Berlin will eat up your time. There are so many things to see and do that it could take you moving there as a resident to get it done.

    Insider Tip:Avoid any tourist bus trips in the south of the city, there is little to see via a bus. a walking tour is a much better option!

  • 80%


    Berlin, the City of History.

    Boy, where do I even start? Berlin compared to my city of San Francisco makes SF look like a small country-side town. I spent 5 wonderful days in Berlin and still had so much I wanted to do. Being a History minor, my inner geek shined brighter than that of a thousand suns- okay, well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I did get my fix on this trip. From the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and Memorial to the Prussian Palaces in Potsdam.. I just couldn't get enough.

    Insider Tip:I suggest looking at an alternative to exchanging currency (for non Euro travelers) either before your arrival or have somewhere in mind after- the one exchange place in Tegal is horrendous. For transit, if you plan on using it, look into the Welcome card and also have a map or an app handy. For museums, get the Museum pass (got mine at the Humboldt Box) if you're staying more than 3 days. Be safe and dress warmly!

Germany: Itinerary

Berlin is Germany's best known city due to its turbulent history. But that's all in the past now and Berlin is a city looking forward. It offers travellers the perfect mix of sightseeing, history and culture. On top of that it has a stomping nightlife and endless (yet reasonable) restaurants.

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