About Bled, Slovenia

Bled is the jewel in Slovenia’s crown, and a very popular tourist destination. Its pristine lake, imposing medieval castle and picturesque mountain backdrop make it a favourite with visitors to the country.

Located in the northwest if Slovenia at the foot of the Julian Alps, Bled is about 50 km from Ljubljana. It has a small population of around 6,000 people and it covers an area of almost 73 square miles.

The town itself is a thousand years old, but traces of settlements dating back to the Stone Ages have been found here. Due to its ideal location, this area has always been a favourite with settlers down through the years. As a result many historical sites have been unearthed around town.

Bled is well-known for its thermal springs. Swiss hydropath Arnold Rikli was the first to take advantage of these natural delights to bring more visitors to the town. Today, the three springs lead into the swimming pools of three of the town’s main hotels.

Whether it’s an activity holiday or a quiet break you’re looking for, you’ll find your needs met in this beautiful alpine resort.

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