City Guide Bogota, Colombia

Visiting Bogota

From the wealth of the colonial churches to the poverty of the shantytowns, Bogota is a city of vast contrasts.

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Bogota City Reviews

  • 70%


    Bogota is not as bad as people make out!!!

    There is plenty to do for 4 days here. Some travelers stay 1 day and then say there is nothing to do here! The nightlife is great in the Zona Rosa area and in Chia, so maybe worth planning your time in Bogota over a weekend. The bike tour and/or graffiti tour are meant to be good. The salt cathedral is a day trip in itself. 60-90 minutes to get there depending on where you are staying, with a free 2 hour tour inside. So allow a minimum of 5 hours. Climb Cerro De Monserrate. Visit the museums.

    Insider Tip:You can get to the Salt Cathedral very cheaply (2,000 COP by Transmilenio to Portal Del Norte, and then a bus to Zipaquira, 4,800 COP; so only 6,800 COP to get there). The cost to enter the Cathedral is 25,000 COP, and you get a free 2 hour tour inside.

  • 40%


    Not my fav. Big city. Prices vary to get around town. Some parts are sketch, couldt hike up the mountain, lol. Raining all days i was there but rain is cool

  • 60%


    Best city in Colombia

    Not a fan of the city. Love the graffiti tour and that was about it. It was very commercial, so lots of shopping malls and chain restaurants.

    Insider Tip:Uber!

  • 40%


    Big busy city

    Big busy cities are not really my thing. Cool place to meet people and party. Good food, but polluted by too much traffic.

    Insider Tip:Stay between the north and south for easy access into La Calenderia but still safe at night.

  • 40%


    Unexpectedly Beautiful

    Bogota was not high on our list of places to visit but once we were here we loved it! Easily a place that one could live in, great little streets and history in la candelaria, fantastic old buildings and architecture and at night the place comes alive with bars and restaurants

    Insider Tip:Bogota Beer Conpany in La Candelaria has some great artesenal beers to work though

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