City Guide Bogota, Colombia

Visiting Bogota

From the wealth of the colonial churches to the poverty of the shantytowns, Bogota is a city of vast contrasts.

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Bogota City Reviews

  • 80%


    Lovely city. Romantic

    Awesome hospitable people everywhere. My advise will be Go where Colombians go and you will have more fun!

    Insider Tip:My advise will be Go where Colombians go and you will have more fun! Also, try the food and the fruits without fear, they are fresh and abundant, is like a Veggie fantasy!

  • 50%


    Friendly People

    The locals are what make Bogota a nice place to visit. There are a few nice sights, but the pollution and traffic aren't so great.

    Insider Tip:Stay at a good hostel (Like Alegria's), and get to know the locals.

  • 70%


    as with capital cities in the world and political hub of Colombia is seen not that special place as with a walnut, when you crack it open to see the goodness inside meeting locals well help find place really is that will make place much more interesting place to visit ., speaking a little Spanish or even learning at the many school in this town could help as well, the bus service is busy but efficient

  • 20%


    The dirtiest city of South America

    This city is a pice of crap The worst city in the whole South America (words of someone who just miss the Guianas e Suriname). Dirty and VERY dangerous.

  • 40%



    I love cities, but the horrible traffic james, the lack of air because of hight and pollution left me very bad mood, adding the grey weather that mostly all day raining.

    Insider Tip:I love better the chapinero area and not the candelaria where most of hostels are.

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