Eating Out in Bogota, Colombia

There is an excellent variety of restaurants and cafes in the city and the good news is that you can get a very satisfactory meal for a very reasonable price. Numerous restaurants offer superb local cuisine as well as traditional dishes from all over the country. Among the delicacies to be found in Colombia is ajicaco, a type of chicken soup which includes three different types of potato and is served with corn and capers. This is actually a typical Bogotan specialty as is Chocolate santafereno which is a cup of hot chocolate accompanied by cheese and bread which you are supposed to dip in the chocolate. Lovely! Dishes from the rest of the country include Bandeja paisa – ground beef, chorizo sausage, red beans, rice, fried green banana, a friend egg, a piece of pork and an avocado – and Lechona – a pig carcass stuffed with its own meat, rice and dried peas and baked in an oven.

Well, after reading that I suppose you should be told that Bogota also has a variety of restaurants serving international cuisine. So, if the thought of pig carcasses doesn’t exactly make your mouth water you can always nip down to the local Italian for a pizza. Most of the bigger fast food chains have also made it to the capital so you will never be short of options about where to go for dinner.

Restaurants in Bogota

  • Casa Vieja

    3 - 73 Avenida Jimenez, Bogota, Colombia

    If you haven’t been completely turned off the local fare, then you should check this restaurant out. They have branches all over the city but this one is particularly nice.

  • El Zaguan de las Aguas

    15-62 Calle 19, Bogota, Colombia

    Another establishment offering traditional Colombian cuisine so make sure you check out the lechona and ajiaco while you are there.

  • La Fragata

    Calle 100, Bogota, Colombia

    This too is one of many branches of the same restaurant but this time it’s seafood. Its location at the top of the World Trade Centre where it rotates every few minutes to offer amazing views Bogota is what makes this restaurant so enjoyable.

  • Ultimos Virreyes

    3 - 16 Calle 19, Bogota, Colombia

    This is one of the more popular restaurants in the La Canderlaria region and serves an appetising mix of both local and international cuisine.

  • El Patio

    27 - 86 Carrera 4A, Calle 19, Bogota, Colombia

    For good old fashioned pizzas and lasagnes this is one of the better Italian restaurants in Bogota. It is also one of the pricier establishments so if it is out of your price range you could check out some of the copy-cat restaurants in the area.

  • Nuevos Horizontes

    6 - 37 Calle 20, Bogota, Colombia

    This is one for the vegetarians among you and serves delicious and cheap meals all day unlike some of the neighbouring eateries which close after lunch.

  • Pajares Salinas

    96 - 108 Carrera 10, Bogota, Colombia

    This is one of the many traditional Spanish restaurants in the city and comes highly recommended.

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