Entertainment in Bogota, Colombia

The most popular entertainment venues in Bogota are situated in the Zona Rosa region which is located between Carreras 11 and 15 and Calles 81 and 84. Here you will find a vast array of cafes, pubs, clubs and live music venues. And, if you don’t like the first place you decide on, all you have to do is move along as they are all situated right beside each other. Life in this sector of the city doesn’t start until after the sun goes down and it’s still going when the sun comes back up again. It is also one of the safer areas but you should always go out in groups for extra security. Outside the Zona Rosa, there are also several discotheques located on Calle 94 and Pepe Sierra Avenue.

Carribbean music is also very popular in the Colombian capital and there are several clubs which offer both salsa and reggae music to its clients. If you fancy something with a tropical tone, then Carrera 5 between Calles 26 and 28, is where you need to go. A bohemian and informal atmosphere makes it very easy to unwind after a day of doing the tourist thing.

Because most clubs and bars shut at 1.00am, the after party scene in Bogota is huge. These can cost anything from 5 to 25,000 pesos and they are extremely popular among young revellers in the city. So if you still have some energy left at closing time, you should check one of these unique soirees out. Most parties last until dawn unless the police decide to shut them down and they are usually just one big rave. You should be aware, however, that there are a great deal of drugs in use too but nobody is forcing you to partake so just stay safe and have fun.

Entertainments in Bogota

  • Quiebra Canto

    Carrera 5, Calle 17, Bogota, Colombia

    This is one of the most popular venues in Bogota and plays a good mix of reggae, salsa, hip hop, funk and more. The crowd are friendly and the cover charge is extremely reasonable (about US$1.50). It is also located in one of the safer parts of the city making it a good option all round.

  • Cinema

    Carrera 13, Calle 78, Bogota, Colombia

    This is an excellent venue which opens until 4.00am, most of the other clubs close at 1.00am. The interior is weird and wonderful and top local DJs play hip hop, reggae, house etc. While the cover charge is on the expensive side for Bogota, it is still only around US$5.00, it is worth every penny.

  • Mister Babilla

    Calle 82, Bogota, Colombia

    Playing a mix of reggae, rock and heavy metal this is just one of the many popular venues in the social centre of the city. The cover charge is reasonable too so be prepared to wade through the masses as it’s always crowded.

  • Galeria Café Libro

    11 - 92 Calle 81, Bogota, Colombia

    Bogota is renowned for its salsotecas which are discotheques that play mostly salsa music. So, if you fancy trying your hand, or your feet, with the local dance, this is just one of the many places worth checking out.

  • Salome

    82 - 116 Carrera 14A, Bogota, Colombia

    Similar to the Galeria Café Libro, this is another of the city’s salsotecas and is situated right in the heart of the Zona Rosa meaning that you are in the middle of the social centre of Bogota.

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