City Guide Bordeaux, France

Visiting Bordeaux

A city of stunning architectural beauty, Bordeaux has a great number of attractions to tempt visitors including churches and museums, as well as top-notch restaurants, bars and clubs.

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Bordeaux City Reviews

  • 90%


    Eating out and having wine

    Bordeaux is one of the must recognized cities when you talk about wine, eating in France is great and pretty much every little street has a restaurant to get a good meal, wine is definitely something to try here. The tourism office offers some tours to wine regions at a good price.

    Insider Tip:Eat macarons and for lunch or dinning go to Rue des Faussets or around that street, pretty much any place there has good things and good prices. I recommend the goat cheese and honey salad and the duck and beef pinchos, and a glass or a bottle of Bordeaux Maucaillou.

  • 80%


    Mini Paris

    Bordeaux has so much to offer. It's like a mini Paris without all the beggars. Architecture, night life, lots to see and do, good food, good wine. It's beautiful and in the heart of wine country.

  • 100%



    Weekend away in Bordeaux, sight-seeing, shopping, dining, coffees, cakes, friendly people, clubs and great food! Beautiful city, easy to get around, plenty to see, great character and gorgeous buildings.

    Insider Tip:On a Sunday the city is a bit dead. You can eat in most places, but almost all the shops are closed. Some tourist attractions, sights and international brand shops like Zara, H&M were open but maybe just use a Sunday to walk around and see some things you want to check out during the week.

  • 80%


    beautiful and peaceful city

    we enjoy the trip to Bordeaux, it is a beautiful city, with a lot of monuments. Sightseeing along the river is kind of relaxing. you could forget the busy work. weather is very nice, sunshine and blue sky. people is warm and friendly. visit Chateau and wine tasting is so interesing. and Arcachon is also a good sea side to enjoy holiday, but we do not have enough time. and We stayed B&B Jardin du Sequoia is a really charming place to stay in Bordeaux. good value for money. we think stay 3 nights in Borde

  • 90%



    Beautiful city! Quite a lot of beggars but the streets are beautiful. The river is a great place to chill out by at night time.

    Insider Tip:Dansons sur les quais, a dance festival on the river made our evenings absolutely perfect. Beautiful.

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