About Bordeaux, France

Located in the south-western part of France, Bordeaux sits on the Garonne River, close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of France’s Aquitaine Region. Bordeaux covers an area of around 50 square kilometres, and close to one million people live in the city. The locals are sometimes known as ‘Bordelais’.

Some of Bordeaux’s main districts include Les Quais, La Victoire, Gambetta, and the pedestrianised part of the city centre. Much of the city’s most impressive architecture dates from the 18th century, and in times past, Bordeaux was an important stop on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Bordeaux has a large number of vineyards, covering almost 12 million hectares. It’s hugely important to the local economy, and is an important part of the global wine market. Both red and white variations are produced here.

The city is also home to the well-known University of Bordeaux, which has one of the largest campuses in Europe.

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