About Boston, USA

About Boston

The gateway to New England, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US. Originally founded in the early 1620's, its most famous nickname is the "Cradle of Modern America" because it is here that the American Revolution began with the Boston Tea Party in 1773. As well as being America's oldest city, it is also home to more universities than any other city on the planet.

Harvard College was founded in 1638 and throughout the centuries numerous other colleges and universities grew up around the city. MIT was and remains one of the most important of these educational institutes for a number of reasons but largely because of the amount of industries which it has attracted to the area including electronics, engineering and finance.

Boston is also the scene for the largest construction project in the world, the Big Dig. Costing an estimated $14 billion this remarkable feat in engineering will connect Boston to Cambridge through an underground expressway. Yet despite this and numerous developments throughout the centuries since it was first founded, the city has held fast to its history and cultural traditions.

Walking through Boston today you will see colonial buildings alongside modern office blocks and despite the obvious age difference, both seem to complement each other perfectly. Nowhere in the US has history been preserved so impressively and it is easy to understand where the pride and loyalty of the locals has sprung from.

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