Transport in Boston, USA

Boston Transport

Getting There
Logan International Airport is located in the eastern part of the city just across the harbour from the city centre. To get into town you can take the free Massport Shuttle bus which connects all terminals to a subway stop. There is also another service, the US Shuttle, which travels to downtown Boston every half hour or so and if you want to take a taxi it will cost you about $20.

If you travel to Boston by Amtrak you will arrive at South Station which is on the Red T Line. Finally if travelling to the city by bus you will arrive at either South Station or Back Bay on the Orange Line.

Getting Around
Once you have arrived safely in the city and are ready to do some sightseeing you can choose from any of the different forms of public transport which includes the subyway (T), buses and commuter rail. The subway in Boston is one of the easiest in the world to find your way around and is the oldest in the USA. Consisting of the Red, Green, Blue and Orange Line, trains run between 5.30am and 12.30am and cost $1. The bus covers most of the city but also travels more extensively in suburban areas than the T and the MBTA Commuter Rail travels to the suburbs and the North Shore.

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