City Guide Bratislava, Slovakia

Visiting Bratislava

Stretching along either side of the Danube River, Bratislava is a city located in the southwest area of Slovakia. It’s the country’s capital city and attracts a lot of visitors each year.

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Bratislava - a video postcard

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Bratislava City Reviews

  • 70%


    Nice city to spend a day

    Bratislava is a good city to spend a day, maximum 2 days and not because there's nothing to see, but because it's pretty small. Enjoyed our stay in Bratislava/

  • 80%


    Great old town

    The old town is beautiful, you can easily get yourself lost in the warren of streets. The Soviet WWII memorial is definitely worth a look as is the castle.

  • 60%



    In close proximity is Devin Castle, which I would recommend. You could do that and all of Bratislava in a day easily. The museums are alright but nothing special, the town hall one was a bit disappointing. Personally I don't like Slovakian food, but there's a stall that does really good burgers (and builds it in front of you). Nightlife is good if you know where to find it - ask the friendly locals in the street, a couple of nice bars to be found, a rooftop one was also popular.

    Insider Tip:Ask a local for tips on the good bars/clubs. Take a dip into the (smaller and safer) river if you find yourself at Devin Castle, also some Iron Curtain memorials behind the castle.

  • 80%


    Small, charming, crazy

    This city is perfect for a weekend, you have nice sightseeing to do as well as night activities with a different variety of options. All the main attractions are at a walking distance and you can have amazing food if you look for it.

    Insider Tip:Even though it is not an expensive city, try to look for restaurants away from the city center. You will find much better options at a lower price.

  • 80%


    Cute Town

    Very small city centre that you can explore the entirety in about 3 hours - including the castle. I liked this city because I really just needed a chill out place after being on the road for so long.

    Insider Tip:Come here if you need a break from city hopping.

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