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Visiting Brisbane

Despite being the city with the third largest population in Australia, Brisbane remains laid back and friendly and has become an extremely popular destination for visitors to the country.

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Brisbane City Reviews

  • 70%


    Brisbane quick trip

    Good city to spend a couple days in. Fun bar scene especially out by China Town. Seemed clean, safe and entertaining to us. South Bay is a nice spot to hang out at during the day.

  • 80%


    I really liked Brisbane, it's a really nice city! There aren't a ton of things to do as a tourist in the city, but I think it would be a really nice place to live. It is a good base for visiting lots of other places nearby.

    Insider Tip:The CityCycle program is a great way to get around and view the city. It's really convenient and cheap!

  • 80%


    The Streets Beach is amazing, with sweeping vies of the river and CBD, and the museums are terrific.

    Insider Tip:The art museum has a beautiful European art section and is right next to the Streets Beach.

  • 50%


    Just Another nice city

    Not too much exiting going on, chill beautiful and nice weather, south bank man made beach is a joke, they can do better than that really. Went to the Australia zoo, wasn't so impressive, they restricted too much on where you can can't go, it's quite small the good thing is they have animal show in the mid day and they perform crocodiles feeding. I would rather see animal in the wild. They treat animals like pets and you can see they take care of them and walk them. But still they aren't pets

    Insider Tip:If you travel in Brisbane, make sure you know ppl and take you somewhere, or meet some one in there, you can do a night walk in the city with a company is nice, otherwise,I don't know how you gonna kill the time. I had a good time, of course, I met someone.

  • 60%


    Not much to do for a backpacler

    Came here as a backpacker for a few weeks, mainly looking for work, but when not doing this trying to find things to do, it quickly became apparent that there is not much to keep you occupied in Brisbane, especially when you're on a backpackers budget. If you're a backpacker and you're just passing through, maybe only stay for a couple of days. you will have plenty of time to see all that Brisbane has to offer. Good town for Partying with lots of bars.

    Insider Tip:Down Under bar is a great night out for backpackers. There is a cinema on South Bank which charges $6.50 for Films.

Australia: Itinerary

Sydney is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Travelling north, the next city is Brisbane which is also worth a visit en route to Cairns. And with a hippified town and commercialised city in between, the trip between Sydney and Brisbane is one of the most varied in Oz.

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