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Visiting Bruges

Bruges - the Venice of the north - is the rising star of Europe's well-preserved medieval towns. The Belgian town is a joy on foot and a touristic pincushion of fun sights and activities.

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Bruges Podcasts

Bruges - Churches, basilicas, canals and more

Bruges, Belgium's most visited city, is a city with many attractions. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Anne De Meerleer from Bruges' tourist office to and discover these range from a basilica with the blood of Christ and a host of canals.

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Belgium Videos

Brussels - a video postcard

Take a look around Brussels in our video postcard. See its main sights such as the Grand Place, Mannekin Pis and more.

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Bruges Pocket Guide

Bruges Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Bruges City Reviews

  • 70%


    Beautiful Medieval City, HORRIBLE train station personnel

    There was a really rude short-haired brunette woman at the ticket counter when we arrived. I had purchased a Eurail pass and needed to validate it. She basically yelled at me that I had not properly filled out the form, and demanded that I fill it out. When I returned with the ticket filled out, she said that it was incorrectly filled out, and that It is now an invalid ticket. And I have to go to Bruxelles to correct this mistake. Then to buy our tickets to Bruxelles, we dealt w/4 more ppl.

    Insider Tip:I have been to Europe before, and have never encountered such rudeness and unfriendliness at a train station, and by the way, I know what I'm doing. When we got to Bruxelles, the man said, hey this is no problem, and fixed it with a smile on his face. So, my recommendation: If you have any tickets to validate, or purchase etc, do it before you get to Brugge, so you don't have to deal with this horrid woman! (and other ignorant personnel)

  • 90%


    The Heart of Belgium

    Bruges is my favourite city in Belgium. It is incredibly beautiful with lots of friendly and helpful locals who enjoy showing off their city! So much to do, and everything is within walking distance. Remember to bring a fully charged camera when visiting this town!

    Insider Tip:Buy the Bruges City Pass. Either for 24/48 or 72 hours. You definitely save money as everything is so close to each other.

  • 80%


    Love Brugges

    It is a great relaxing city. Some people consider it to be a little 'museumy' but I found it to be well preserved. The canals are beautiful. Everything does seem to shut down rather early.

    Insider Tip:Rent a bike and ride to Knokke on the coast, it is more for the ride than anything else, along a river, through some small goat ranches. Take some of Kai's Can you handle it tours and beer tastings.

  • 80%



    Bruges is a beautiful small town, everyone is extremely friendly! I recommend renting a bike for the day and biking to the North Sea!

  • 80%


    Brugge, Belgium

    The most magical European city you will ever go to. Cobblestone streets lined with quaint buildings, loads of fine Belgian chocolate shops, and restaurants with lovely patios. Spend you day meandering the streets, taking a canal tour, climbing to the top of the belfry, taking in some of their museums, or chilling in our of their gorgeous parks! Plan to keep extending your stay, because everyday you'll love Bruges more.

    Insider Tip:- Spring was an amazing time to visit, the only thing that makes Brugge more beautiful are flowers in full bloom! - The weekend is busy, the trains come in with loads of tourists - leave the map in your pocket and get lost

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