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Visiting Bruges

Bruges - the Venice of the north - is the rising star of Europe's well-preserved medieval towns. The Belgian town is a joy on foot and a touristic pincushion of fun sights and activities.

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Bruges Podcasts

Bruges - Churches, basilicas, canals and more

Bruges, Belgium's most visited city, is a city with many attractions. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Anne De Meerleer from Bruges' tourist office to and discover these range from a basilica with the blood of Christ and a host of canals.

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Belgium Videos

Brussels - a video postcard

Take a look around Brussels in our video postcard. See its main sights such as the Grand Place, Mannekin Pis and more.

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Bruges Pocket Guide

Bruges Pocket Guide

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Bruges City Reviews

  • 80%


    Quaint and Charming

    If you are looking for a calming getaway from Brussels, and a trip back in time, Bruges is the place for you. While obviously a tourist town, it is touristy for a reason. It is very picturesque, with canals, cobblestone streets, and small fairy-tale-like homes. I came in winter (the off season) so a lot of things were closed, but most of the main attractions were open.

    Insider Tip:If you want quality Belgian chocolate but don't want to pay the name-brand prices, Brugge has some really good deals. My favorite chocolate store was Chocolaterie de Burg, located near the blood basilica. The prices were fantastic, chocolate quality and customer service was superb, and nearly everything was handmade.

  • 60%


    Overrated Bruges

    While everyone told me to go to Bruges, I found it super touristy with very little to actually see. Try Ghent instead :)

  • 90%


    Absolutely Beautiful

    The town is gorgeous - literally everything here looks like you stepped out of a time machine 100s of years ago. Stone and brick buildings, a beautiful town square, and horse drawn carriages a-galloping. Be sure to grab a map, otherwise you will lose yourself in the atmosphere.

    Insider Tip:Be sure to keep a close look out for the smallest alleyway near the main town square - it holds a great little bar. Try the house beer (Da Guerre). Delicious!

  • 80%


    Wonderful little place

    Bruges is a wonderful town. During the day it can be packed with tourist who just come for the day, but in the evening and at night is when this place is truly magical. It's medival vibe really comes out when the streets are empty which gives it an incredible feel.

    Insider Tip:Go to the local bars. It is a must

  • 80%


    Amazing city - beautiful and old

    One of my favorite cities in Belgium - really nice buildings, people. Definitely recommend, especially for those who watched the movie about it:)

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