Transport in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Transport

Transport From the Airport
The majority of all European and international airlines fly into Brussels National Airport. Situated at Zavenetem which is about nine miles from Brussels city centre, you can easily make your way there on the direct train connection which serves Gare Centrale, Gare du Nord and Gare du Midi. Taking about between fifteen and twenty minutes and costing a mere BEF95, it is both a quicker and cheaper alternative to taking a taxi. Tickets are available at the station. If you do wish to take a taxi make your way to the rank and avail of one of those that display a sticker with an aeroplane symbol as they offer reduced fares. Do not take a taxi from anyone outside of the rank as you will be overcharged.
If you avail of one of the economy flights which Ryanair are now operating to Brussels, you will arrive at Charleroi airport. Situated about forty miles south of Brussels, again it is recommended that you take the train which will cost you about BEF300 or one of the special buses which Ryanair operate. The latter will cost you BEF250.

Public Transport
Buses, trams and two metro lines connect most parts of the city but the only problem with public transport in the city is that it stops between midnight and 5.00am. One ticket which costs BEF50 will serve you on all modes of the public transport system but it is only valid for one hour. If you are going to be doing quite a bit of travelling about the city it is recommended that you purchase a one-day travel card which will cost you about BEF130. Both one hour and one-day tickets can be purchased in most newsagents and in all the tram bus and metro stations.

It can be difficult to find a taxi anywhere other than a taxi rank during the day in Brussels. If you need one urgently, however, the best place to find one is around the major train stations, hotels and tourist areas. The basic charge will probably sound quite pricey, particularly in the evening, but it is worth remembering that the city is not that big so the final charge should not be that expensive.

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