City Guide Bucharest, Romania

Visiting Bucharest

Known at one time as the Paris of the East, Bucharest is Romania’s largest city and its capital. It is a city full of busy streets, amazing architecture and one too many apartment blocks. Today, Bucharest is one of Eastern Europe’s most thriving cities.

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Bucharest City Reviews

  • 70%


    Bucharest, Romania - A beautiful secret!

    Bucharest is a gorgeous city that is fun to explore and must be visited. The free walking tour is a must to see what the city has to offer. Value for money is quite good and going out is quite fun. If you have the time, make sure to take the day trip out to Transylvania and visit Dracula's castle...that's something I can check off my bucket list. Overall it's a beautiful city that you should go explore!

    Insider Tip:Take the free walking tour that is available in the morning and late afternoons to see all that you want to in the city!

  • 70%


    Bucharest; Not my cup of tea.

    I can't really add to much in all honesty, my opinion derives from walking around a sizable part of the city, and therefore sites etc.., I am unable to comment on.What I will say is that the city is a step below that of Sofia in neighbouring Bulgaria.It's expensive especially for a Balkan nation and it lacks spark & character.For sure there has been significant development & aesthetically they haven't done a bad job at all, but unfortunately, people haven't adapted & therefore it's seems fake.

    Insider Tip:Cycle the city & experience the parks.

  • 60%


    Not a fan of Bucharest

    I really did not like the city. There's nothing genuine to it. There's almost nothing to see other than the city center full of restaurants and cafes- nothing you cannot find in any urban place. I spent 4 days there because I pre-booked, but I wouldn't give it more than 1 day if I knew it. Go to Transilvanian towns, especially Brasov instead.

  • 80%



    This is not a particularly touristic city, and thus there are not that many things to see here- but I liked the atmosphere.

    Insider Tip:You NEED to go to a gastronomic restaurant called the Artist. The best value for money! I didn't pay more than 30e for a 7-course meal there (actually paid for only three courses, the rest was offered by the restaurant).

  • 50%


    Not my kind of town

    The communist history is well represented in the capital of Romania. The streets are barren and the city at all not very welcoming. I do not recommend walking to the old city centre. We visited the parliament: not recommended. The staff and security were rude to us and awful to some eldery people in our tour group. I get that they are keen on security, but yelling at an old lady because "she was delaying the group" is not a very kind way to talk to an elder. I didn't feel safe either.

    Insider Tip:None.

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