City Guide Bucharest, Romania

Visiting Bucharest

Known at one time as the Paris of the East, Bucharest is Romania’s largest city and its capital. It is a city full of busy streets, amazing architecture and one too many apartment blocks. Today, Bucharest is one of Eastern Europe’s most thriving cities.

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Bucharest City Reviews

  • 100%


    Book A Rest

    Really enjoyable, plenty to do. Old City a must, plenty of shopping. Safe and Policed 24Hrs Daily. Cheap as chips, well they're expensive, but really affordable.

    Insider Tip:Antique Hostel, Great Location, Very Hospitable.

  • 70%


    Bucarest - weekend getaway

    Bucarest was a very nice city to visit, very doable as a weekend getaway! The main sites in the city can be visited in one day. But there's enough museums to keep you busy for another few, so.. plenty on offer for everyone's likings!

    Insider Tip:Palace of parelement is of course a must, the tours inside are interesting and recommendable. Also, definitely pay a visit to La Mama restaurant! Excellent menu with good prices.

  • 60%



    The city is a mixture of Romance and Communist architecture. There is no real city centre as such; the busiest areas are probably Unirii 2 and Piata Romana. Many free sights like the parliament and Piata G. Enescu. Nice parks to take a stroll.

    Insider Tip:The Bus and tram networks are best left to locals. The Metro provides access to all areas that a traveller would need. The locals at times can seem slightly snobbish and this mars the atmosphere when trying to relax. There are much more down to earth places.

  • 100%


    Buc from a Canadian's point of view

    Buc is a diamond in the rough. I love this city/country. so beautiful, so fun. The food is amazing. The people are friendly. I bet in a few years Buc will be a tourist hot spot.

    Insider Tip:Keep your valuables close to your chest in congested areas.

  • 90%


    A city worth every penny

    They don't call this city Paris of the east for no reason. Awesome architecture, friendly people, amazing public transportation.

    Insider Tip:Taxi is the best way to get around if you travel in a group of 2-4. Its cheap and cabs are new.

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