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Visiting Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great metropolis with eleven million inhabitants and one of the largest in the world. It is also the most elegant and busiest city in South America and is in some way the essence of the variety of the Argentine.

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Buenos Aires - A city tour

As Buenos Aires is so big, seeing all it can to offer can prove to be difficult. A good way to see as much as possible is by going on a city tour. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Mariana Gallow of Travel Line tours in Buenos Aires to talk about their 'Traditional Buenos Aires City Tour' which can be booked on Hostelworld.com. In the podcast she tells Colm about some of Buenos Aires' most famous squares, neighbourhoods and much more.

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How to save money in Buenos Aires

Find out how to save money when shopping in Buenos Aires and much more.

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Buenos Aires City Reviews

  • 90%


    City for just about anyone

    Buenos Aires is a city that I think just about any type of traveler could find interesting things to do that are right up their ally. There's wonderful parks to walk through, historical monuments to see, amazing street art, and cultural shows.

    Insider Tip:If you're in Buenos Aires for more than a couple days - try splitting your hostel/hotel stay in half. Stay half of your time in the San Telmo neighborhood, and the other half in the Palermo neighborhood. Both have an incredibly different feel that needs to be experienced by actually staying in said place.

  • 90%


    A day in Buenos Aires

    Like most capitals in the world Buenos Aires is huge but it seems to me a clean and safe place to stay around. Enjoy the fairs downtown, or wander around La Boca, each street offers something new. Not the place to expect great monuments or excessive sightseeing but definitely worth a stay.

  • 80%


    Great city!!!

    Stayed in BA for a week so we could take some Spanish lessons while we were here. It's a really great place with a wonderful atmosphere. There's a bit of something for everyone here from culture to nightlife, sport and great food.

    Insider Tip:The main tip at the moment is to make sure you take advantage of the 'blue' rate for currency exchange - bring dollars or euros and exchange them on the street to increase spending power by 50% - larger notes give a better rate. Check out this website for public transport: http://mapa2.buenosaires.gob.ar/ Also go out for a good steak (we went to Don Julio's which is popular & fantastic but there are others) - you can also get a great bottle of wine in a local bar for a very reasonable price.

  • 80%


    Buenos Aires - Europe in South America

    Buenos Aires is a very interesting city: in my mind, it is a mixture of New York, Paris and Lima. It is a stark contrast to the typical Latin America city. If you are from Europe you may be less impressed with it. The food there is great; YOU SHOULD EAT STEAK FOR EVERY MEAL UNTIL YOU GET SICK OF IT. Empandas are also good and cheap. Transportation is mainly done by bus and is easy and affordable.

    Insider Tip:You must use the black market to exchange your money, you will effectively double your money by doing so. Bring US Dollars into Argentina and head down to Florida St first thing from the airport (there is a lot of accommodation nearby if you really want to plan; San Telmo is a good area to stay in). People will be shouting "Cambio", go up to them and ask them for their rates and find one you are happy with. All of this is perfectly safe and a way of life there. Police patrol the street protecting everyone.

  • 80%


    Too much to see!

    The Paris of South America has the good and the bad things of a big city, you can see a lot of culture there, many historical places, great places to eat and is also very dirty, can be dangerous and no great landscapes to see. If you like antiques you must go to San Telmo, and specially on sundays there is a big flea's market.

    Insider Tip:- Go to the Florida street to change your money, ask several guys the price and choose the best price. You can check the dollar price looking for dollar blue in google. - If you're going to stay several days you should buy the SUBE card which allows you to take the subway and the buses in the city. There is an app to find the buses or subway stations to take from one place to another: BA Cómo llego. - You have excellent free walking tours of Recoleta and the city center offered by Demasiado Tours.

Argentina: Itinerary

Founded in 1536, Buenos Aires became the Argentinean capital in 1862, 42 years after Argentina received independence from Spain on the 9th July, 1816. Today it has a population of approximately 3 million people (Greater Buenos Aires has nearly 13 million) and strongly resembles a European city with its tree-lined streets and large squares.

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