Entertainment in Cairns, Australia

Whilst the city may not be renowned specifically for its nightlife, you can rest assured that there is more than enough to do for any of you that have any energy left after a day of adventure sports. To find the best places to party the night away you should head to the Esplanade between Shields and Alpin Street where you will find pubs of every standard. There are several Irish and English pubs but you should also check out some of the authentic Aussie establishments while you are there.

When it comes to nightclubs, you are going to be a little bit more restricted as there are only five official clubs in the city. But, the good news is that all five are reasonably priced, stay open late and have excellent promotions directly aimed at budget travellers such as your good self.

And, as if all of this wasn’t enough there are also a number of party bus tours which will take you to a number pubs which lie outside of the city. The tours generally provide you with an excellent nights entertainment at an affordable price and they are an excellent way to meet up with fellow travellers.

You should also remember to keep your eye out for flyers offering promotions which include free food and drink and advertising excellent competitions. These can be found all over the city, even in your very own hostel, and they are a big bonus when you’re worrying about where the next pint is coming from.

Entertainments in Cairns

  • Fox & Firkin

    39 Lake Street, Cairns, Australia

    A traditional English pub situated right in the heart of the city centre, this is an extremely popular venue among visitors to the city. With live music and its very own resident band as well as an excellent reasonably priced lunch menu, this is one place you could do a lot worse than check out while you are in Cairns.

  • The Pier Tavern

    The Pier Marketplace, Pier Point Road, Cairns, Australia

    An extremely popular venue among backpackers in the area, the Pier tavern is open until 3.00am seven nights a week. Its location on the waterfront coupled with the fact that it has live entertainment every night from Thursday to Sunday makes it a thoroughly enjoyable venue for a night out.

  • The Woolshed

    24 Shields Street, Cairns, Australia

    Undoubtedly one of the most popular establishments among visitors to Cairns, the Woolshed serves as a restaurant, bar and club in one. With excellent promotions which include $6 jugs of beer or cider during happy hour, it is packed every night of the week so try to get there as early as you can to beat the hordes of thirsty fellow backpackers to it.

  • The Sports Bar Rock Cafe Nightclub

    33 Spence Street, Cairns, Australia

    For those of you who need your fix of sports even after white-water rafting and bungee jumping all day, the Sports Bar offers pool tables, live games from around the world and the obligatory sports memorabilia to its clientele. With DJs five nights a week, live bands on four nights and a cocktail bar and nightclub which stay open until 5.00 in the morning, you are guaranteed a good time, even if you’re not a major fan of physical exertion.

  • Ultimate Party

    Tropical Arcade, Cairns, Australia

    A party bus tour which takes its passengers to six different venues over a period of seven hours. The price of the tour includes dinner, free drinks, free entrance fees, several souvenirs (you’ll probably need them to remind you about what went on) and there are also $1000’s worth of prizes and free entertainment in all the stops on the tour. It’s a really good way to meet up with fellow travellers and swap stories over a couple of beverages.

  • Playpen International Nightclub

    Cnr. Lake & Harley Streets, Cairns, Australia

    This complex combines three venues in one, Samuels Saloon, The Playpen and the Court Jester Bar. With a choice like this, if one doesn’t really provide what you’re looking for just move on to the next place. And, if none of them cater for your tastes, then you're just too picky.

  • My Bar

    Level 1, Palm Court, Cairns, Australia

    Everyone seems to lose their inhibitions when they’re away from home and this usually culminates with a drunken rendition of Stand by Your Man or some other equally impressive number. So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a crooner, this place is exactly where you need to go to help everyone make a complete fool of you. Oh, you’ll get them back, don’t worry, and you will all have an extremely memorable night.

  • The Beach Nightclub

    Cnr. of Abbot & Alpin Streets, Cairns, Australia

    With a huge video screen and regular foam parties the Beach is quickly establishing itself as an extremely popular backpacker haunt. With special offers on food and drink and live entertainment almost every night as well as the foam parties, it is a fun place to spend a night but don’t get dressed up for the occasion, in fact wear the oldest thing you have.

  • Johno's Blues Bar

    The Esplanade, Cairns, Australia

    If you’re a fan of this type of music then Johno’s will not disappoint you. Although it’s recently changed venues, the new location is proving just as popular with backpackers to the city as the old one and attracts travellers in their droves. There must be a good reason so why not find out for yourself.

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