City Guide Cairo, Egypt

Visiting Cairo

Even though when most people think of Cairo they think of ancient civilizations and pyramids, much of Cairo is actually quite modern with wide streets. The River Nile runs through the Egyptian capital, the biggest city in the Middle East and Africa. The city also has two islands in the middle of the river. Altogether, Cairo has a population of 6.8 million approximately, with many people moving up from rural villages along the Nile.

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Cairo City Reviews

  • 90%



    Cairo was really good and I enjoyed my trip there. since tourism is low there traffic was somewhat bearable. I believe it is safe to travel to Cairo and the political situation is under control.

    Insider Tip:since very few people travel Egypt it is the best time to travel if you hate waiting in line or sites. and the prices for a lot of things are easy to bargain with due to the fact of low tourism. I would suggest you travel now if you're the bargain traveler.

  • 60%


    Cairo - March 2014

    Personally I liked the trip, but I know it's not for everyone especially at the moment. Virtually zero tourist in the city at the moment.

    Insider Tip:Not too much hassle on the streets if you keep a low profile. Although my most aggressive tip or "bakaseesh" experience was in the airport when I was leaving. Airport "staff" will come to scan you your luggage on entry to the building. One of these staff members grabbed by bags to put them through the scanner, proceeded to take them out the other side and then demanded a trip. Simple things like this are irritating as the tipping culture overall is fine when service is good for driver, waiter etc

  • 80%


    Cairo in a nutshell

    Cairo is nuts. There is no place i've ever been to that is quite like it. Never once my entire 10 day stay did i ever feel in danger. Everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. Whether you are sitting down having some tea and shish with someone at a local cafe or eating Kazaaz, its a great and beautiful history filled place to visit.

    Insider Tip:Try the Koshari, and go to Fishawi for tea. If you want a good mix between Egyptian cuisine and western styling go too Zooba.

  • 100%


    I loved Cairo!

    So much to see and enjoy! People were very warm and friendly! The food was just delicious! it is safe! Don't believe in the media!

  • 90%


    Cairo - safe and perfect for a family holiday!

    Perfectly safe city to visit. High police presence ensures security and due to low number of tourists, it is easy to find great bargains when shopping. Cairo offers international standard eateries and is a great city for backpackers and families.

    Insider Tip:Avoid the Pyramids. There are groups of intimidating men who try to force you to buy horse rides. Went with my family and it was not safe at all. These men opened our car doors and forced our car to stop in the middle of the street. Try to view it from a short distance with a taxi but do not go to the pyramids.

Egypt: Itinerary

Cairo is an interesting muddle of ancient houses and soaring modern buildings which blend to form an unusual skyline. Split into east and west sides by the River Nile which runs through the city centre, there is more to this Egyptian city than pharaohs and pyramids.

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