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Visiting Canberra

Serving as the nation’s capital, Canberra does Australia proud thanks to the host of wonderful buildings, the natural beauty of the landscape and the truly welcoming nature of its native residents.

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Canberra City Reviews

  • 70%


    For politics and art

    If you like politics and art etc, it's a nice city to visit. I didn't really try the food, so reviewed it average. But it might be good;-) If you are just there to party, you might find better places to do that.

  • 30%



    To be a capital city you need too have more than a government building. I only recommend to stay here no longer than 2 days

    Insider Tip:Stay at yha

  • 30%


    You are not here to party, but to relax

    Although a lot of people said it was boring, it was a really nice 2-3 day trip to this city. It's charming and low key. Nice to just walk around and chill

  • 40%


    Canberra is cold

    I like canberra, even if its small and not much is there. There is nice attractions to see, I didn't go shopping so wouldn't know about that. The Australian War Memorial is fantastic. Black mountain lookout is pretty coool at night, except a bit overgrown.

    Insider Tip:Stay in Canberra city, on the other side of the river just means more taxi fares.

  • 30%


    Canberra short stay

    A beautiful and scenic place. Very quiet. The National Gallery is terrific. The city is all eating places - they are everywhere! Not much else though. The shops are the same as those found everywhere else. The major arcade is a hell-hole! But everywhere is within easy access and it is a marvellous place if you enjoy walking. The taxi service is very, very bad - even if you order in advance, you could still miss your plane! Check out the shuttle buses - I shall do that next time!

    Insider Tip:Never depend on the taxis! Try to find alternative transport, especially if catching a plane!

Australia: Itinerary

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