City Guide Cancun, Mexico

Visiting Cancun

Known for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, Cancun is located on the Caribbean Coast, and is part of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Outdoor activities aplenty, top class dining opportunities and a vibrant nightlife are just some of the things that make this such a popular destination.

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Cancun City Reviews

  • 80%


    More Than A Resort Town

    Most people think of "resort" or "beach" when thinking of Cancun, but in reality Cancun is a major city. It comes with all the shopping, restaurants and bars you could find in any major North American or European city, but it is generally more expensive than elsewhere in Latin America. It is also a good base to tour some of the nearby Mayan ruins. Although it should be noted people think of "beaches" for a reason, and it is definitely worth spending a day or two at one.

    Insider Tip:Do not fear to leave a resort in Cancun because of media coverage about Mexico. It is perfectly safe to explore downtown alone and even after dark. Although of course common sense precautions should be taken as in any major city.

  • 50%


    Party Central

    I liked Cancun, but stayed there for less than 48 hours. Both nights out were insane, over the top. It's an expensive place to stay/ party in. If you want to hang out by the beach and relax, I would reccomend going to Playa del Carmen or Tulum instead. But if you want to party and can afford it, Cancun is the place for you!

    Insider Tip:Hostel Ka'beh is amazing! Not the best location but amazing atmosphere, staff, and guests. Just a short bus ride to the party zone.

  • 70%


    The beauty of Yucatan is found somewhere else !

    I think if you are a couple and want to have a nice stay in Yucatan you should rather go to Tulum or Valladolid or Holbox. Cancun is somehow restricted to people without a lot of money.

  • 90%



    Mexico is a very beautiful country with a lot of culture. I like Cancun as its so easy to find loads of fun and cultural activities. I suggest Cenotes

    Insider Tip:When in Cancun go to TULUM, see the temples and the cenotes in and around Cancun and go to Playa del carmen

  • 70%



    If your going to do cancun you have to decide if you want resort or culture. nt both. The main strip is commercial USA but downtown is cool and authentic... good for links to other places in the area.

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