Things To See in Cancun, Mexico

From aquatic activities to ancient Mayan ruins, visitors to Cancun won’t be disappointed with the great selection of things to see and do here. You’ll be tempted by the great shopping opportunities the city has to offer too, and there are also some interesting museums to visit while you’re here.

Cancun is famous for its many beautiful beaches. Playa Langosta to the north of the Hotel Zone is a very good spot for swimming. This beach sports coral sand and clear shallow waters.

Many different aquatic themed tours are available in Cancun, covering a variety of activities such as reef snorkelling, diving and more. Other things you can do here include swimming with dolphins. Various tours of the local jungle areas surrounding the city can also be undertaken.

Not just cosmetically attractive, Cancun also has a rich history to draw visitors in. You’ll also see lots of important Mayan temples and historical sites around the city. There are some museums too, including the well-liked Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano.

Cancun is home to many upscale shopping opportunities. La Isla Shopping Centre is a huge outdoor shopping mall filled with a large number of big name international brands and local favourites. Another of Cancun’s big shopping malls is Plaza Las Américas. Here you’ll find department stores, shops of all kinds, a movie theatre and a club.

‘Mercados’ or Mexican markets can be found at various locations throughout Cancun. These markets are a good place to go if you’re looking for a bargain.

Attractions in Cancun

  • Interactive Aquarium Cancun

    La Isla Shopping Village, Bulevar Kukulcan Km 12.5, Cancun, Mexico

    At this aquarium you can swim with dolphins or even feed a shark. There’s an interactive area where you can get close to many different species of sea creatures.

  • Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm

    Hwy Sac Bajo, Km 5, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

    This tortugranja or turtle farm protects the breeding grounds of the endangered sea turtle. Here, hatched turtles are kept in large pools for a year, giving them a better chance of survival once they have been released into the wild.

    Open 9am-5pm.

  • Zona Arqueologica El Ray

    Bulevar Kukulcan between Km 17 & Km 18, Cancun, Mexico

    Located in the Hotel Zone, this is the larger of two sites of Mayan ruins in this particular area of Cancun.

  • Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano

    Bulevar Kukulcan Km 4, Cancun, Mexico

    Filled with many different examples of popular art from Mexico, this museum exhibits everything from musical instruments to gourds. Local costumes are also on show.

  • Isla Mujeres

    , Cancun, Mexico

    This is a sleepy fishing village with friendly locals and quaint accommodations along cobblestone streets. A fantastic place to snorkel!

  • Cozumel

    , Cancun, Mexico

    Mexicos "dive central" is 40 miles south of Cancun's hotel zone and is usually accessed by frequent air shuttles or by ferry.

  • Gateway to the Past

    , Cancun, Mexico

    Just around the corner from the glittering resorts of modern day Cancun, stand the silent temples of one of the worlds oldest and most mysterious cultures-the ancient Maya. There are several sites right within the hotel Zone. The most famous site, and a popular day trip from the beach, is Chichen Itza, a complete city founded in 445 BC and inhabited until 1204 AD when it was mysteriously abandoned. Tulum, to the south of Cancun is the only major Mexican ruins to overlook the Caribbean.

  • Parks & Gardens

    , Cancun, Mexico

    Many public and private nature parks and govermment reserves showcase nature.
    Private parks include the Xpu-Ha Ecopark with jungle, wetlands, coral reef and cenotes (natural sinkholes) and a beautiful virgin beach.
    Xcaret (pronounced ish-karett) is a mix of Mayan history, archaeology and a dash of elaborate spectacle.
    Xel-Ha, "where the water is born", is a 10-acre park of lagoons which was a sacred Maya city and important commercial center. Nature reserves include a 1.3 million acre reserve 80 miles south of Cancun. It is composed of tropical forests, wetland and marine environments. There are 27 fascinating ruins and 345 species of birds.

  • Isla Contey

    , Cancun, Mexico

    A small, uninhabited island, 25 miles north of Cancun and 19 miles from Isla Mujeres, a refuge for birds, marine and animal life.

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