About Chicago, USA

Chicago is the USA’s third largest city and has all the characteristics of an American metropolis – a bustling day to day atmosphere, instantly recognisable skyline and huge population. In total it covers an area of over 200 square miles, and 20 miles of the city runs along Lake Michigan.

Different to what you may initially think, Chicago didn’t receive the title of ‘The Windy City’ due to its blustery streets, but because of its pretentious politicians and their ‘hot air’. At one stage there seemed to be little separation between organised politics and organised crime.

The area where Chicago is situated was first explored by Louis Joillet and Jacques Marquette when they travelled down the Mississippi River in 1673. But it wasn’t until over 100 years later in 1779 that the first person settled there when Jean Baptist Point DuSable, an American Pioneer, built the first house in the region which is now known as Chicago. By 1834 it finally reached city status.

‘The Windy City’ is famous for many things – the Chicago White Soxs and Chicago Cubs baseball teams, the Chicago Bulls basketball team, gangsters (namely Al Capone) and skyscrapers. It was in Chicago where the world’s first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Building, was erected in 1885.

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