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Visiting Christchurch

Set on the picturesque Avon River, Christchurch is the most English of all New Zealand’s cities, and also one of the most beautiful.

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Christchurch Podcasts

At the Christchurch Art Gallery

Located in the heart of Christchurch's city centre on New Zealand's South Island, the Christchurch Art Gallery is home to one of New Zealand's most important art collections. It houses everything from early European painting to contemporary New Zealand video work. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Blair Jackson from the gallery to get an insight into the gallery's collection.

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Christchurch Videos

On a tram in Christchurch

A good way to see Christchurch is on one of its famous trams

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Christchurch City Reviews

  • 80%


    Giant construction zone

    City is still being built after the earthquake. It's a big job and there's lots left to do. The containership mall was cooler than I expected! We went to Quake City, an overpriced museum displaying the earthquake history in the city. It had really decent information in it but not enough to make it worth going, unfortunately. Lonely Planet said it was $10, so that was the only reason we went there but when we got there it turned out to be $20. $40 for 2 ppl for this 45min museum is a bit steep!

    Insider Tip:Go to Smash Palace (downtown on Victoria Street) if you want to have the best burger of your life!

  • 60%


    Quirky Christchurch

    A very small place, a few great places to visit just outside such as hamner springs and a small french town. but apart from that dont spend too much time there,

  • 40%


    Laying in wait

    This city is still trying to recover from the many earthquakes and trimmers. Many businesses have not yet returned to the CBD and many historical sites are still under construction.

    Insider Tip:It is worth it to make it out to Akaroa if you can. It is amazingly beautiful!

  • 60%



    It's a big city, but not a lot to do. If you're looking for nightlife, steer clear. But if you're looking for rest and relaxation, this is the place.

    Insider Tip:Botanical Gardens. Free and you can chill beside the city river with a book or picnic

  • 60%


    ghost town

    Christchurch has it's very nice parts (Cashel Street, Parks) and is full of stunning street art, absolutely amazing stuff to see at every corner. But in most parts of the city you feel like you're walking through a ghost town which is a bit sad. Looks as if it's getting better everyday with so much redeveloping going on after the earthquake so still worth a visit!

    Insider Tip:Just walk around and enjoy the street art. Something to discover around every corner.

New Zealand: Itinerary

New Zealand is one of the most popular countries in the world among backpackers. It is famed for its awe inspiring scenery thanks to an array of mountains, glaciers and lakes. If you like adrenaline sports this is one of the best countries in the world to do them. And as it is divided between a north and south island, not many countries in the world are as diverse as this one.

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