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Visiting Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the largest city and capital of Denmark, is hugely popular with visitors thanks to a mix of modern attractions and old school charm. From the Little Mermaid to the free-town of Christiania, this city has its own unique character, where historical buildings rub shoulders with slick shopping streets, all brought together by its network of canals.

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Copenhagen City Reviews

  • 50%


    Good Scandinavian Mix of Old and New

    Copenhagen reminds me of a Danish equivalent to Munich. It maintains a certain air of it's past while still looking to an environmentalized and modern future. Fortunately, WWII was kinder to Copenhagen, and there is a lot of history to get into before the sun sets over the city. Copenhagen lacks a varied nightlife, though, and travellers not looking to see castles and other remnants of royalty may quickly tire out of the town. During the warmer times there is Trivoli and Legoland, though.

    Insider Tip:Denmark's national museum is free of charge, even without the "Copehagen Card" and includes (at the time of this review) some special exhibits not related to Danish history (fur production, at the moment), so budget travellers wanting to delve into some Danish discussions can try there.

  • 90%


    Copenhagen: The gem of Scandinavia

    While Copenhagen is one of the smaller Scandinavian cities, it is by far the most engaging. The city is full of life and history, and the Danish people are said to be the happiest in the world. Well, having just left this beautiful city, I completely understand why they are so happy all of the time. Copenhagen has some of the best food in the world at the moment (restaurant NOMA is ranked No. 1), and the going-out culture is booming. It's a great European city full of great fun and people.

    Insider Tip:Do the free walking tour (neon green/yellow umbrellas) and their weekend pub crawl. It's a fun way to learn about the city and its history while meeting new people. The guides are incredible, funny and knowledgeable. Please leave them good tips! The pub crawl was a fun relaxed way to go out with a new group of friends to non-tourist bars and mingle with the local Danes.

  • 70%


    Cute and costly Copenhagen

    I found Copenhagen to be a beautiful and lovely city. Although the public transport is excellent, you won't need it, since one of the charms of Copenhagen is that it's small enough to be able stroll around and visit everything on foot. The city offers plenty of shops and eateries. I was surprised about the superb proficiency in English and the friendliness of the Danes. The only downside is that everything is very expensive here.

    Insider Tip:Don't get excited about the statue of the Little Mermaid and the city of Malmö in Sweden; I found them rather disappointing.

  • 20%



    A nice city, if you can get out of the city centre to see the parks and castles. I found the city centre scuzzy and a bit dirty, lots of broken glass etc.

    Insider Tip:The locals might run you over on their bikes. They dont like to stop.

  • 70%



    This city is a great getaway for 2-3 days max. There is much to see and do, but the country is very expensive in general, especially for Americans.

Denmark: Itinerary

With a population of over one and three quarter million people, Copenhagen is Scandinavia's largest city and one which has much to offer. From hippy towns to old squares to inner-city amusement parks, this city has it all.

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