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Visiting Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the largest city and capital of Denmark, is hugely popular with visitors thanks to a mix of modern attractions and old school charm. From the Little Mermaid to the free-town of Christiania, this city has its own unique character, where historical buildings rub shoulders with slick shopping streets, all brought together by its network of canals.

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Copenhagen City Reviews

  • 40%


    everything closed

    It was a real shame that the amusement park was closed along with a lot of other attractions. This city is expensive and you should plan accordingly.

    Insider Tip:The little mermaid statue is excellent, and I did a free walking tour that was great and covered a lot.

  • 80%



    I was incredibly impressed with Copenhagen. It is a city where I would be very happy to live, if given the opportunity. The people are very nice, although it is true perhaps a little inverted, and everyone is absolutely, astonishingly beautiful! The city itself is also very beautiful and there is plenty of really cool stuff to do and sights to see.

    Insider Tip:If you are there when it is warm, buy beer from a grocery store and drink it outside. It is legal, drinking in bars is incredibly expensive, and it is what the locals do! Also, if you are looking for the metro at the airport, and you probably are, it is upstairs. There are other trains below, and they will get you to central station, but they will not take you directly to either of main metro stops.

  • 90%



    Well Copenhagen was guite awesome...Of at tha part of sigthseeing it doesn´t have something WOW(like Paris got the Eiffel tower)but it was very intresting city..Really loved the classic scandinavian buildings with the many different colours...Went also to one place Cristiana town if I remember correct where all drugs are allowed just to look around..ok didint stayed for there for a long time...Dannish people are very friendly with helping you if you asked them...CAREFULL WITH THE BICYCLES!!!

  • 70%



    I was there in March and it was absolutely freezing but nice and sunny. If you like sightseeing, I'd recommend the Copenhagen card (I think you can use the wifi at the airport with it) but make sure to make the most of it because it's not cheap. Opening hours in March are not great. Some things aren't open at all until April or May (yet you still pay full price for the Copenhagen card)

    Insider Tip:The museums are really very good (especially the Thorvald Museum and the Glyptothek) Free wifi in the Library!!

  • 70%


    Close to the Action!

    My friends and I stayed here in October and had a great time even though we were only there for one night. The staff was really helpful, and assisted us in finding where we needed to go. The bar is a great place to meet people or just hang out with friends. It seems like a place that has more to offer during the summer months with outdoor BBQs and seating. It's really close to the downtown core and about a 20 minute walk to the train station. It was really nice to be close to Nyhavn Harbour.

    Insider Tip:Take advantage of the Free Walking Tours.. They leave from the hostel and is an excellent way to see the city.

Denmark: Itinerary

With a population of over one and three quarter million people, Copenhagen is Scandinavia's largest city and one which has much to offer. From hippy towns to old squares to inner-city amusement parks, this city has it all.

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