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As well as being Ireland’s second largest city, Cork is the capital of the ‘Rebel County’ and is a great choice for a short break or a longer stay. Located on the banks of the River Lee, this city provides visitors with an impressive selection of things to see and do, along with entertaining nightlife and friendly Corkonians.

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Cork - Inside the English Market

In operation since 1788, the Cork English Market is one of the city's most important attractions. In this podcast, Hostelworld.com's Rebecca Keenan speaks with Kay Harte from the Farmgate Cafe to find out what makes this food market so special.

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Cork - a video postcard

Watch our video postcard of Cork to catch a glimpse of the city's top attractions, bars, restaurants and more.

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Cork Pocket Guide

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Cork City Reviews

  • 80%


    Visit Blarney Castle

    I spent most of my time in Cork visiting Blarney Castle, and yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone. Definitely worth the trip, because the entire grounds of Blarney Castle and the castle itself were beautiful. You can easily spend the entire day walking around the grounds, climbing the castle, and enjoying the beauty that is Blarney.

    Insider Tip:The stone is actually difficult to kiss, hopefully you aren't afraid of heights!

  • 70%


    Cork, Ireland

    Not much places to visit. There is a cathedral that is really pretty and you can hunt around the city centre for some traditional irish food. Visit the English market for hot choco from the choco shop. really gooey and thick. a small cup for 1 euro. English market is where you should head to in order to get really cheap and fresh food to cook. Check out the pastries there too.

    Insider Tip:Really small town so you can easily walk around the city area and to local attractions

  • 90%


    Weekend in Cork

    I was in Cork Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, saw the local sights and went on a trip with PaddyWagon to the Cliffs of Moher, Limerick and other great spots.

    Insider Tip:Head straight for the tourism office to book a tour - so worth the money, I went with PaddyWagon, the coach driver was really nice and knew so much about the history of the places we visited. There are also different maps available which outline different types of walking tours you can do around Cork

  • 90%



    Generally I love Ireland, but ive decided im madly inlove with cork, I have to quickly find another reason to stop by. The people are nice, they speak to you with a smile on the face..;they are NOT in a crazy hurry for "i dont know what"...the service is off the hook.Goodnesss me I live in a the wrong place :-)

    Insider Tip:Leave your problems behind and go unwind in Cork

  • 50%


    Not my favorite, but alright

    The city of Cork is worth a stop - maybe - but you're not really missing anything if you don't. It's a big ghetto city. However, this is an excellent location for traveling to other places on tour buses (I used Paddy Waggon and loved it). The other side of the bridge (where the university is) is a much better part of the city.

    Insider Tip:If you have to stay here, I stayed in both Shielas hostel and Bru bar - both are pretty lousy hostels to say the least. Pick Bru bar if you have to though - trust me, it's much better than the other one, even though its still an attic and gross. I'd try to find something on the other side of the bridge. Lots of buses come through cork, so its a great place to connect and plan outings.

Ireland: Itinerary

Ireland is a very easy country to get around thanks to an extensive bus service which connects all major towns and cities. It also has a country wide rail service but for most journeys the bus is more flexible, frequent and most importantly, at least 50% cheaper than taking the train. It’s not a big country so you can easily make your way to the major cities but it certainly makes for an action packed seven days. Where better to begin your speedy tour than in ‘Dublin’s Fair City’ - the fun filled capital of the Emerald Isle. As well as the host of attractions on offer, the city can really only be appreciated by those who truly immerse themselves in the culture and there’s no better way to do this than by frequenting the host of the pubs and restaurants on offer. Sip on a pint of Guinness in its native home while listening to some Irish music or sampling traditional cuisine and you’ll know what we mean.

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