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Dallas is one of America's most famous cities. This is largely due to the long-running hit TV show of the same name, along with the well-known local American football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Named after American Vice-President George M. Dallas in 1846, Texas' third largest city has been famous for it's oil and cotton industries in the past.

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Dallas City Reviews

  • 60%


    A Coloradan Judging a Texan City

    This was my meeting point for me and my friend Phil, a Dutch guy I had met in New Orleans, the plan was to meet up and travel together west, not party, not go shopping or touring so Dallas was the choice so we wouldn't get sidetracked from our journey. Nothing outstanding from an average American city. There's a really cool country bar named Cowboy's Red River, two-stepping and good country music, an American experience in one of the states that marks the border of the American West.

    Insider Tip:If staying at Wild Wild West Hostel, it is convenient to have a car, as a round trip in a taxi can be in the neighborhood of $50 (USD) as in Irving, TX, there's really nothing to peek a backpacker's interest. Though not much to see in Dallas or Fort Worth, having your own transportation will give you the mobility and range you'll need to make your stay more enjoyable and not get bored.

  • 10%



    The city was good, apart from public transport was pretty poor, and we were the only ones walking around, which in a major city was quite a surprise.

    Insider Tip:It is sooo empty, we were the only ones walking around and the city looked deserted like there was a warning that every1 heard but us. Apart from that the city was good, excellent for sightseeing, there are lots of camera oppotunites and places to eat in uptown dallas.

  • 10%



    i really enjoyed my stay , i had a good rest, nice people, and ivan the manager was excellent, nice guy,, it was sheer bliss for me

    Insider Tip:would be better to have a car or hire one, as its so vast ..

  • 70%


    I loved Dallas, however, recent crime occurrences were disturbing. There are plenty of places to shop, eat, dance, karaoke and just hang out - vast variety of culture and beauty. The majority of the people are incredibly friendly and helpful. It's very easy to get lost, so be prepared with a GPS system if you're driving. If your aim is to get lost in Dallas, you can find a lot of neat places. Note to those from the Northeast USA - iced coffee is pretty much only found at Starbucks.

    Insider Tip:People are generally really friendly and helpful. Don't be afraid to ask them questions - they're usually quite eager to help out.

  • 70%


    Dallas unveiled

    Big city with variety of neighborhoods accessible by rapid transit. Lots of downtown options along with other

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