Eating Out in Darwin, Australia

With so many different ethnic groups living in Darwin, eating out is both an adventure and a pleasure where you can sample authentic Greek, Italian, Chinese, Thai, French and Japanese cuisine. And, you should also sample some of the local specialties while you are there. While eating kangaroo tails and emu pate might not sound all that appealing there are many more dishes to choose from so take a risk and you will be pleasantly surprised.

As well as the wonderful mix of international delicacies, Darwin offers some of the nicest eating locations in the country. Its tropical climate makes it the ideal place for eating outdoors so for all of you for whom this is usually a rare event, take advantage of the situation as food nearly always tastes better outside.

Eating out in the city is also pretty reasonable just as long as you steer clear of the more upmarket silver service restaurants. The large number of cafes, restaurants and takeaways along Mitchell Street are a great place to get a substantial meal at a reasonable price. You should also check out the Smith Street Mall and the Harry Chan Arcade. Most pubs also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and are usually much cheaper than the restaurants in the area. The only draw back is that their menus are usually quite limited but the food they do serve comes highly recommended.

Restaurants in Darwin

  • Passage to India

    Paspalis Centrepoint, 48-50 Smith Street mall, Darwin, Australia

    If you’re looking for authentic Indian food, then this is the only place in Darwin where you will find it. And it you’re too lazy to make your way to the restaurant, they are kind enough to deliver the food to your door.

  • Gopal’s Mental Lentil

    The Transit Centre, 69 Mitchell Street, Darwin, Australia

    Not only is this a vegetarian café, it is actually entirely vegan serving no meat, fish, chicken or eggs. In fact it is all Karma free Hare Krishna Food, so if you are extremely particular about your vegetarianism or fancy something healthy for a change, this place is reasonably priced and pretty different, which isn’t always a bad thing.

  • Monty’s on the Mall

    44 Smith Street Mall, Darwin, Australia

    A wonderful outdoor café surrounded by African mahogany trees, the perfect place to sit back and relax. It’s also fully licensed and serves an extensive variety of wines. It is only open until 4.30pm, however, so take it easy on the alcohol. Also takes orders over the phone which is always useful.

  • Buzz Cafe

    Lot 6378, Marina Boulevard, Darwin, Australia

    This is an excellent establishment in Cullen Bay serving a wonderful selection of food and drink. The bar itself is carved out of volcanic rock and the view out on the marina presents a wonderful photo opportunity.

  • Mitchellis Pizza Cafe

    The Transit Centre, 11/69 Mitchell Street, Darwin, Australia

    A fully licensed café and restaurant serving gourmet pizzas, pasta and baked potatoes. At an advantage because it opens late, it’s a really good place to get a cheap and cheerful meal which will keep you going all night.

  • Christo’s Greek & Seafood Restaurant

    28 Mitchell Street, Darwin, Australia

    A little more upmarket than some of the aforementioned establishments, Christos is the type of eatery you should head to if you’re looking for a real treat. Serving award winning seafood and with an extensive range of wines for over twenty years and still extremely popular sums up its appeal.

  • The Hog’s Breath Café

    Smith Street Mall, Darwin, Australia

    Now one of a chain all over Australia, this popular American style restaurant is especially for those of you with a penchant for meat. Serving a wide range of steaks and burgers including the Hog’s Breath Prime Rib in a friendly, party atmosphere this is a good place to go for a night out.

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