Transport in Darwin, Australia

Getting There
If you fly directly to Darwin, getting to the city centre which is only six kilometers should be no problem. There is an airport shuttle bus which will drop you off or pick you up from nearly anywhere in the city but when travelling to the airport you do need to book one day in advance. This service will cost you $6 for a one-way ticket and $10 for a return journey. Alternatively you could take a taxi which will cost you about $15.

A large number of backpackers also enter the city by bus from three main routes – the Western Australia route, the Queensland route and the Track from Alice Springs. As well as various routes, there are numerous companies who operate these services and you do need to contact each particular one to see where they drop you off when you arrive in Darwin. The good news is that many will leave you right to the door of your hostel which is always convenient when arriving in a city that you’ve never been in before.

Public Transport
There is a good bus service in operation in the city but it does stop running at lunch time on Saturdays and it doesn’t run at all on Sundays. When it is in operation buses leave from the terminal on Harry Chan Avenue. Fares are calculated on a zone system whereby travel through one or two zones will cost about $1.50 and through all zones will cost $2.10. As well as the public bus system, there are also a number of private companies who run tours throughout the city. The Tour Tub is the most popular stopping at all the major tourist attractions. A one-day ticket will cost you $20 and is a flat rate. Some of the other companies do offer cheaper tickets but you may not get to see as much of the city.

There are several taxi companies in operation in Darwin so if they have an official taxi sign, you know that you are not going to be overcharged. As standard, there is a minimum charge as soon as you sit in and this does increase after 6.00pm but in general taxi fares in the city are not that expensive. Some of the more popular companies include Darwin Radio Taxis, Darwin Combined Taxis and Taxinet North.

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