About Dresden, Germany

Historically, Dresden was famed for its beautiful art and architecture, so much so that it was referred to as ‘The Florence of the Elbe’. However, following the Allied bombing of Dresden in WW2 and many years of Soviet rule, the city became vastly different to how it was when it was home to the Kings of Saxony. Much in the way of restoration work has been undertaken and continues today in order to bring back the city’s former glory.

Situated on the River Elbe, Dresden is located in the eastern part of Germany. It is the capital city of the Saxony area of the country.

The city, which celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2006, is situated on the Rover Elbe in the Saxony region of Germany. Over 500,000 people live in Dresden.

This sprawling city is divided into a number of different districts. The ‘Altstadt’ (old town) and ‘Neustadt’ (new town) are where you’ll find many of Dresden’s historic sights and main attractions.

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