Transport in Dresden, Germany

Getting there

By air: Dresden-Klotzsche Airport is the city’s main airport. It’s located north of the city centre and can be reached in a number of ways including tram and bus numbers 77 and 97. Flights from all over Germany and some European destinations land here.

By train: Dresden’s main train station is the Hauptbahhof on the south side of the city at the end of Prager Straße, which is Dresden’s major shopping thoroughfare. Trains from all over Germany and select European destinations terminate at this station.

Getting around

By tram: The tram network in Dresden is operated by the Dresden Transport Authority. These trams operate on 12 different lines. Some of the newer trams that run across the city are extremely long, reaching up to 45 metres in length.

On foot: Walking around the city centre is quite doable, especially in the Altstadt area where you’ll find many of Dresden’s main attractions.

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