About Dubrovnik, Croatia

Undoubtedly the most popular destination in the whole of Croatia, the number of tourists setting foot on Dubrovnik’s tiled floors has been steadily increasing over the last five years. Now that the only soldiers firing rounds of ammunition at people are menacing ten year olds hurling pebbles at their piers, this medieval city is once enjoying a mass entourage of tourists on an annual basis.

The city centre is a walled collection of marbled streets which are still as shiny as they were when they were first paved thanks to city workers who drown them with purifying water night in, night out. Every day these, now trouble-free streets are trounced upon by locals going about their day to day life and tourists exploring them.

Its coastal location makes it an ideal holiday destination for all walks of life. The scenery both inland and out to sea is enough to make even the harshest of person smile, the sea can occupy those looking for a carefree paddle as well as the keen snorkeller, while seafood it provides the warm restaurants in the city are enough to make any mouth water.

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