Entertainment in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik’s social scene is very dependent on the time of year, and naturally things are quite a bit livelier in the height of the tourist season than they are during the colder months.

Like everything else in this city, Placa in the city’s Old Town is where you will find the best selection of bars. While many of them are prominently located along its marbled streets, it is up the labyrinthine alleys that you will find bars that aren’t as typical.

If you are staying in Dubrovnik for more than 2 nights and by the third you are in search of a change of scenery, take a bus out to an area of the city known as Lapad. While it is nowhere as full as the Old Town, the selection of bars here is better than anywhere else out of the city’s hugging walls.

Entertainments in Dubrovnik

  • EastWest

    Frana Supila bb, Ploce, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    One of two clubs in Dubrovnik, EastWest is located down at the city's main beach. There are many sections, so you can hang out in the club's bar, dance away on its dancefloor, or relax under the stars on the four-poster beds down on the beach.

    Open nightly from 8pm-6am.

  • Buza Bar

    Pobijana, Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Also known as "The Hole in the Wall" (the entrance is literally just that), few bars enjoy such a spectacular location as Buza. A great place to catch a sunset after a day of sunbathing, it's also perfect for a quiet night under the stars sipping on your drinks and listening to chill-out tunes.

    Open daily from 10am-1am.

  • Club Latino Fuego

    Brsalje bb, Pile, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    This, the city's other club, is where you'll hear chart tunes enticing people on to the dancefloor rather than house music. With the main club area, a chillout bar and outdoor terrace also, whether it's dancing or relaxing you want to do, this is the place to do it.

    Open nightly from 11am-4am.

  • re-fresh* Party Nights

    Cafe Galeria, Kuniceva 5, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Held every Monday and Tuesday night, re-fresh* is a new party night run featuring drinks promotions and live DJs. Drinks specials include those on cocktail buckets Thailand-style, 3-litre beer towers, while 8pm-9pm is Happy Hour with two-for-one beers. As the organisers are backpackers themselves, it guarantees a good night.

    Open 8am-late.

  • The Gaffe/Karaka

    Miha Pracata, Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Two of the Old Town's token Irish pubs can be found right across the street from each other. 'The Gaffe' is the larger of the two and has all the traits of a typical Irish bar. 'Karaka' on the other hand is smaller and full of friendly staff.

    Open daily from 10am-1am.

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