Things To See in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rather than having one particular landmark, Dubrovnik’s walled Old Town is the city’s most remarkable feature. Built in the 7th century, they constructed this fortress as its inhabitants were fleeing from another settlement just 15km away which was under attack from barbarians. Today these walls create one of the most beautiful walks in the world and it is something which should not be missed.

Within the and along the city’s pristine marble-paved streets are a series of ancient cathedrals, squares and cafés to sit down and watch the world go by. These streets become a particularly pleasant spectacle when the sky turns from blue to navy and lanterns lining each side of the streets light them up.

If you wish to explore what medieval city has to offer outside of the city walls, take a bus ride to Lapad which is between about ten minutes away on the bus where you will find some nice coastal walks along. Also, make your way down to Lokrum ferry dock in the Old Town and you can catch a water taxi to Lokrum Island.

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