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Edinburgh is a city which you will warm to straight away. Edinburgh Castle hangs proudly over the Scottish capital reminding the locals and tourists alike of the city's medieval past. There are endless streets to explore in the Old and New Towns, with numerous stores to keep the shopaholics occupied. At night the city comes alive with an eclectic mix of young and old filling the city's many restaurants, bars and clubs.

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Only in Edinburgh...

There are some certain things that you can only find in the Scottish capital, such as Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum of Scotland and more. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to different people who live in Edinburgh about those things.

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How to save money in Edinburgh

Find out how to go on a free walking tour of Edinburgh and more with Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty.

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Edinburgh Pocket Guide

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Edinburgh City Reviews

  • 50%


    Edinburgh is a stunning place!

    I truly fell in love with this city. I was suppose to only spend 4 nights but could not get back on the train to leave. So ended up spending 7 nights. So much history, culture and activities. You'll never have a dull moment. Evrything is in close proximity so there's really no need to use the public transportation unless walking a little is a problem. The train station is in the heart of the city which makes exploring some smaller towns outside of Edinburgh very easy to do.

    Insider Tip:View the underground city!!! Such a cool experience and history lesson. Arthura seat provides amazing views but is a long and tiresome walk. Can take a few hours to do depending what trails you take. But can be done in an hour (maybe little longer) if you go strait up and down. Stirling is a small town 45mins away with a great castle and St. Andrews is a 2 hr ride from the city. If possible take the bus to St. Andrews. The views are much better then train travel and roughly same travel time

  • 90%


    Love Edinburgh!

    Edinburgh remains one of my favourite cities in Scotland, perhaps the UK as a whole. I just spent three weeks in Scotland, from Glasgow, through the Highlands to Edinburgh, and Edinburgh just may have kept a bit of my heart. ;) From the lovely architecture, but all the things you want in a larger city, Edinburgh really seems to have it all. One of my favourite things to do was going to pubs to listen to live music. Yes, most cities offer this, but I really enjoyed it in Edinburgh.

    Insider Tip:Check out Calton Hill or Holyrood park for sweeping views of the city. Check out Grassmarket for a variety of pubs with local music, loved Maggie Dickson's. Check out the pub, Ensign Ewart on the Royal Mile, near Edinburgh Castle. Nice staff, great live music.

  • 90%



    Edinburghers are friendly and gentle, the city is beautiful, very clean, full of things to do, including several free things, and everything can be reached by foot (not always a short walk, but always feasible walks).

    Insider Tip:DO NOT MISS Arthur's Seat. It is in Holyrood Park, in the far east end of the city, but once you get to the park there are several trails to reach the top of the mountain, in around half-an-hour. Sunset from up there is gorgeous and you can view the whole city. It is very windy in the top, so, bring warm coats.

  • 80%



    So far.. my absolute favorite place in scotland. It is a mix of old and modern. with really surprisingly interesting spots. Great for everyone of all ages and interests. And there are secret harry potter sites too!!

    Insider Tip:Be careful of hiking Arthur's seat in the morning, the weather will make it incredibly slippery and difficult on the way down. But regardless of what time you attempt it, reward yourself with some ice cream from the truck at the base when you finish!

  • 80%


    Great city to see in a weekend

    Got to Edinburgh on Friday afternoon and left Sunday evening which was the perfect amount of time. Great city, easy to get around and fairly cheap. Do the City of the Dead ghost tour and the pub crawl which both leave from in front of St. Giles Cathedral. Arthur's Seat was an amazing climb and the perfect thing to do on a sunny afternoon. Scottish Whiskey Experience was also a lot of fun. Get some tea/coffee and take an early morning walk through Greyfriar's cemetery, great way to start the day.

    Insider Tip:Skip the castle. The better view is from the outside and it's not worth the money to go in.

Scotland: Itinerary

Like so many cities in Europe today, Edinburgh is divided the Old Town and the New Town. Both have their own qualities and attractions and are a pleasure to visit. But if you plan to stay in the city for that little bit longer you will be able to sample the whole country's delights, not just the capital's.

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