About Florence, Italy

About Florence

Birthplace of the Renaissance and located on the River Arno, Florence, or Firenze as it is known in the native language, is a true, classic Italian city. Built around Il Duomo, one of Italy’s most fascinating cathedrals, here you will find classic art museums, bustling squares and some of the most amazing architecture to be found anywhere in the world.

Florence’s artistic wealth can be attributed to one family in particular – the Medicis. Rulers of the city for over three centuries, they were directly responsible for the cultivation of Renaissance art in Florence as well as the vast quantity of outstanding buildings which remain to this day.

Just like all Italian cities, it can be easily covered on foot. This is turns out to be a welcome attribute as, as a result, you can see most of what there is to see in a short space of time. Dedicate three days to visiting the capital of Tuscany and you will leave feeling you saw most of what is on offer.

Another fact which is beneficial to the thousands of young people who visit it every year is this – over 20,000 American students travel there every year to study. This results in the city having arguably the liveliest nightlife of all of Italy’s cities.

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