About Frankfurt, Germany

Germany’s fifth largest city in the county of Hesse is Germany’s financial, commercial, industrial and media capital and resembles an American city more than a European one thanks to its skyline. Consequently, the city is one of Germany’s most vibrant and its location in the mid-west makes it one of the country’s transportation hubs also.

Frankfurt am Main, as it is officially titled, was founded in the 1st century AD and became a royal settlement in the 8th century under Charlemagne. Soon after at the beginning of the 13th century was when it began to develop as a financial hub and held annual fairs which were attracted merchants from all over Europe.

Today, as well as maintaining the role of Germany’s financial and commercial capital, it is also overflowing with things to see and is also the country’s culture capital and spends more on the performing arts than any other German city.

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