Things To See in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt’s most instantly recognisable attraction is undoubtedly its skyline. Known as Europe’s very own ‘Manhattan’, its tallest building, ‘Commerzbank Zentrale’ soars proudly into the sky and is 850ft tall. Strolling down the city’s main thoroughfare known as the ‘Zeil’, you could find your eyes are drawn more to the sky than they are in front of you.

But not everything in Germany’s commercial hub is high-tech. Frankfurt’s Old Town ‘Altstadt’, dominated by Römer Square, is the city’s most enchanting district, while others worth a look include Sachsenhausen with its eclectic mix of bars and restaurants and Innenstadt, its CBD.

Museums in Frankfurt are dedicated to everything from art to the city’s Jewish community to ‘applied art’, some of which are renowned as the best of the their type in the world.

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