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Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and the third biggest city in the UK. Situated on the River Clyde, which divides the city in two, Glasgow is one of Europe's most enjoyable cities to visit. There are a lot of things to see and do in Glasgow, including the city's large number of free museums. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of the most impressive, with a huge and varied collection on display.

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Glasgow - Ask the locals

Hostelworld.com's Rebecca Keenan takes to the streets of Glasgow to ask the people who live there about their favourite bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods. Listen to find out why the West End is so well-loved, where to get the best tapas and what makes haunts like 'The Wee Bar' so popular.

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Glasgow - a video postcard

Watch our video postcard of Glasgow to see the city's top attractions, bars, restaurants and more.

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Glasgow Pocket Guide

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Glasgow City Reviews

  • 70%


    Very easy access to everything around the centre by foot. I only walked and saw a lot of the city in one day. Public transport is very affordable and the city is lovely although run-down in parts. Great for shopping and visiting museums and art galleries.

    Insider Tip:Glasgow Film Theatre (independent cinema), Rabbie's bus tours to see more of Scotland, West End pubs, bars etc., Glasgow at night!

  • 70%


    Didn't stay for too long, so I can't give a big review - seemed a little trashier compared to Edinburgh, but more modern. Countryside is very beautiful if you rent a car to travel just outside Glasgow, which I highly recommend. There's also a great karaoke bar called Cosmopol that is open late that I recommend if you are looking for a fun, drunk night. Drinks here are also very cheap - a big plus!!

  • 90%


    Surprisingly good!

    Some of my friends told me that Glasgow is not a good place to visit. Considering that, I schedule only two days to visit the city and I think I should have taken more time for this. There are lots of museums, art galleries and parks. The city is bike-friendly, so you can rent a bike and ride around. It`s easy to do that, you just have to register at an app called Next Bike and pay not more than £10/day. For those who like shopping, the city is perfect, with lots of malls and stores.

    Insider Tip:If you have time, take some hours to visit and relax at Glasgow Green. It`s a charming park inside the city, perfect to sit on the grass and read a book or eat a sneak and drink something. If you have more time, I`d recommend to visit the north of the country (Highlands) to visit the lakes and mountains. There are lots of camping areas and trails. I went to an event called Merchant City Festival (unfortunately it`s seasonal) with lots of International food and other products markets across the city center.

  • 80%


    Glasgow in May 2015

    Glasgow is a small city. I was there only a day and a half and really enjoyed it. I did not feel like I needed more time there as there wasn't a lot of touristy things to do. We went to the Botanic Gardens, which were nice and had tea and scones at the tea shop. We also did a few nice walks around the main streets and really enjoyed this. There was live Scottish music in the bars which we really enjoyed listening to. I'm glad we did Glasgow, even if it was short :)

    Insider Tip:Always have an umbrella or a rain coat cause it rains or and off all day :)

  • 80%


    Scotland fun in Glasgow!

    Was there for Christmas, so the city was shut down for 2 days. but I still found fun walking around and seeing sights. Found a bar open and had nice cheap Scotch. When the city was up and running lots to do, shopping (boxing day) was a must for everyone. Just before my arrival there was a sad lorry accident where I think 13 people passed. It was sad and I saw the memorial. Overall the people/vibe/town is just awesome!

    Insider Tip:See EVERYTHING! you can walk everywhere and get the city done in a day and a half. Lots of beers and scotch to try, do it! Timberland Tours to highlands: did the 12 hour one to loch ness and it was amazing! I don't even like those kind of bus tours, but this one is different for sure, it's special.

Scotland: Itinerary

Like so many cities in Europe today, Edinburgh is divided the Old Town and the New Town. Both have their own qualities and attractions and are a pleasure to visit. But if you plan to stay in the city for that little bit longer you will be able to sample the whole country's delights, not just the capital's.

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