City Guide Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Visiting Ho Chi Minh

With a population of 5½ million people Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, although it isn’t the capital. Unofficially still known as ‘Saigon’, it is also sometimes referred to as HCMC. While it is the country’s busiest city, the tree-lined streets are wide and you can walk around the city for hours looking at life go by.

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Ho Chi Minh City Reviews

  • 60%


    be careful of scammers

    there are these motorbike guys targeting young travellers, they have a book full of pictures and comments of people from different countries, when they earn your trust, you will need to pay big later :( the city is nice, a bit noisy and very hot, construction is everywhere, it's a city in fast grow. I only spend one day, but did see a lot poor and rich areas of it. just be careful with your valuable stuff.

  • 90%



    City is tourism heaven as there is much to do from light night naughty stuff to mid day sightseeing.

    Insider Tip:Good luck crossing streets. Be ready to haggle.

  • 60%


    Ho Chi Meh

    Meh, basically only came to Ho Chi Minh because I had to fly out of here. The city is nice though, and you can do your typical city activities. Shop, museums, site see, etc. etc. Average city all around.

    Insider Tip:The nightmarket is not that great but there is a day market located in a similar area that anyone can point you to. There you can often get better deals on things that are usually sold at the night market and as another tip, bargain hard, ALWAYS walk away before actually buying, it will cut the cost down even more.

  • 80%


    Ho Chi Minh City

    Really cool city. Quite full on but very cool. I've spent a month here. This is my first time in Asia so I don't have much comparison but I've had a blast. The locals are very friendly. There's a big expat scene. I felt a bit of culture shock at first. If this is your first taste of asia you may too. The roads are crazy. It can be smelly and load, there's lots of pollution. But after a few days of adjusting it just adds to the charm.

    Insider Tip:Get safety tips from locals/hostel staff. There is some bag snatching and pickpocketing. Also check online what your taxi should cost from the airport as lots of people get ripped off this way. Taxi from airport to backpacker area should cost around £10. I met someone who got charged $40. Vinasun and MaiLinh are cheap reliable taxi firms. But don't let these 'warnings' put you off. It's a cool city, just be careful. Avoid carrying a purse late at night, and if you do keep it on your front under your hand.

  • 40%


    Ho chi minh

    Pretty boring city, wouldn't spend more then 3 days here. CU chi tunnels are good and the war museum. The Dan nam waterpark is also fun to do for a day.

    Insider Tip:Dan name waterpark is cheap and fun to experience if you have a day to waste. Spotted cow is also a nice place to eat.

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