City Guide Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Visiting Ho Chi Minh

With a population of 5½ million people Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, although it isn’t the capital. Unofficially still known as ‘Saigon’, it is also sometimes referred to as HCMC. While it is the country’s busiest city, the tree-lined streets are wide and you can walk around the city for hours looking at life go by.

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Ho Chi Minh City Reviews

  • 40%


    Ho Chi Minh Review

    Great place to base yourself for Mekong Delta and Vietnam War sights. Loads of cafes all around to just sit and relax. Other than that it's just one big city.

    Insider Tip:Book a Cu Chi Tunnels trip. Learned more about the Vietnam War from that trip than anywhere else.

  • 50%


    One of my fav cities

    Saigon is super cultural and comfortably familiar at the same time. Loved it. (A little hot though!)

    Insider Tip:Don't be afraid to barter! They're used to it!

  • 90%


    Big city

    Me and my partner stayed only 2 days on the city. But we could eat good food and drink good juices, coffees and beers. Vietnam is a very cheap place, so it is worthy go around to buy something that you need and Ho Chi Minh maybe is the best place for it.

    Insider Tip:Eat on the humble restaurants, they are cheap, good and with friendly staff. Eat as much spring rolls as you can, they are delicious!!

  • 80%


    By far the busiest of Vietnam

    The most modern city in Vietnam, and a lot less charming and more generic than Hanoi. Still definitely worth visiting though for a few days

    Insider Tip:Go on an overnight trip to the Mekong Delta, and make sure to stay in a homestay - incredible experience!

  • 60%


    Chaotic, but Interesting

    It's definitely an adjustment to come from a Western country and attempt to navigate HCMC's traffic; it almost seems like even odds that one would do just as well while wearing a blindfold, as the motorbikes would probably just flow around the person like water. There's a lot going on in this city if you can brave that mess; there's also a lot of people trying to sell things, and getting in your face about it. Good luck if you give it a shot!

    Insider Tip:There's a very cheap bus that goes from the airport almost directly to the backpacker area - much easier and hugely more affordable than the taxis! Just look for bus #152.

Vietnam: Itinerary

Northern Vietnam presents visitors a sharp contrast of things to do. Hanoi, the capital, is a lake-filled city, Haiphong is a smaller, more industrial version and Halong Bay, one of the most beautiful and tranquil bays in the world. As Hanoi is the transportation hub of the country, you are bound to visit here if you are going to Vietnam.

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