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Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is currently the most popular tourist destination in Asia and the instant you arrive you’ll see why.

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Hong Kong City Reviews

  • 80%


    Bustling City

    Hong Kong has a very well working public transportation, which is very clean and safe. There are a lot of cheap eats around Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Insider Tip:I highly recommend the taiwanese restaurant: Din Tai Fung on Causeway Bay.

  • 80%


    Don't be a tourist!

    Find the restaurants that are built into the alleys at night and take the Sunday bike path ride with the locals. I can assure you that you will be the only foreigner for miles. Visit the parks before the city wakes up to see the early birds doing Tai Chi and other forms of martial arts or even dance. Hong Kong is an expensive city if you're a backpacker, but it's a fun city if you know what to do. Sky car to see the Buddha on the hill is worth the wait to disappear into the clouds.

    Insider Tip:The Octopus Card can be used everywhere! No need to carry a ton of cash unless you're eating at the smaller, less touristed restaurants. Also, it discounts your travel around Hong Kong significantly over day passes.

  • 70%


    Worth a visit, just don't stay more than 3 days

    Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit. It's a gateway to Asia and so there's enough to see and do. Just don't stay more than 3 days because after that, you start to realize that Hong Kong is mostly just a place to work and not really a place you go to hang out or experience.

  • 30%


    Hong Kong is good if you're a tourist

    Hong Kong is good if you want to be a tourist. After all, it's one of the most international places in the world. The food is decent, but pricey by Asian standards. Customer service is average at best and abysmal at worst. There's lots of shopping and "touristy" things to do, but overall, Hong Kong ain''t much.

  • 70%


    Best Country Ever

    Hong kong negara yang indah dan modern. masyarakatnya mempunyai pemikiran yang terbuka dengan begitu banyaknya jajanan pinggir jalan yang menggugah selera. Tempat yang sangat indah di antara perbukitan dan bangunan-bangunan tinggi

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