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Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is currently the most popular tourist destination in Asia and the instant you arrive you’ll see why.

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Hong Kong City Reviews

  • 80%


    Put Hong Kong on Your List of |Places to Travel To!

    Hong Kong is a wonderful, bustling and lively city! It's a 24/7 city and there is something for everyone! Food is amazing- you can only eat authentic dim sum in China! It's very English friendly and if there was something you couldn't find to buy in Hong Kong, I'd ask...where did you look? Because there are shops on every single street!

    Insider Tip:Maps are friends. Be wary of pickpockets, keep your purse visible and in front. Visit Kowloon part of Hong Kong- it's a very tourist friendly area.

  • 70%


    One of the best cosmopolitan in the world

    didn't expect this small country is such a nice place, which has great combination of Asian and European cultures. Full of energy, vivid, fashionable, nice food and wonderful nature and night views.

  • 50%


    Disappointing and expensive

    Not what I hoped for but in truth I am unlikely to go back. Expensive tourist trap which has no real soul. Much preferred going to Shenzen then being part of the Hong Kong tourist hype.

  • 90%


    Hong Kong

    The city has a really unique mix of Chinese and Western personalities. There is no where quite like it in the world, of that I am sure. It also is unique in that it is a first rate, world city, and has so much nature and beach related things to do in close proximity.

    Insider Tip:Everyone says that Hong Kong is so expensive but I did not find it to be so. I am sure that you could spend an absolute fortune if you wanted to but if you are trying to see HK on a budget fret not. I found everyday costs to be comparable or even less than they are in second and third rate US cities, maybe Milwaukee, or Indianapolis from a price standpoint.

  • 70%


    Don't leave HK until the end.

    Beautiful city. It is like putting Madrid, NYC, Shanghai, Vancouver, and the mountains in a blender. A lot to see, and a very diverse city, with small fishing villages, islands, beach, trekking, and your typical city outings (shopping, bars, etc). But it is EXPESIVE. More than NYC, more than London. More than anywhere I've been.

    Insider Tip:If you are travelling Asia (south east mostly) don't leave until the end like i did, it will be very hard to enjoy what the city has to offer, while you are trying to get over the fact that you can't have lunch for less than $15usd.

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