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Hong Kong is currently the most popular tourist destination in Asia and the instant you arrive you’ll see why.

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Hong Kong City Reviews

  • 90%


    HK was awesome

    this place is so crazy busy and alive! it makes me feel great, the food is Off The Chart fabulous, it is ansafe clean country. The bus is right across the street and transportation is so easy to get go.

  • 80%


    Hong Kong City-Break

    We arrived in Hong Kong during the September/October 2014 protests, which made things a little more interesting... Many things are cheaper in HK, and cheaper knock offs are easy to find! There are many sites to see day and night - Victoria Peak at sunset is a highlight of any trip! Excellent bars and nightclubs, such as Ozone. Transport on the MTR is all you need to get around, and the Octopus card makes it even easier. An excellent location for a city break!

    Insider Tip:Most people speak at least basic English, but don't expect it from everyone (after all, it isn't an English-speaking country). It's no big deal though, I managed to get by on my own. I did have a friend with me at times who can speak fluent Cantonese, but a little knowledge of the language would make some things a little easier.

  • 100%


    City unlike any I've ever been to

    Hong Kong is one of the most unique places I've been. It's like a combination of major cities around the world, but you can't find any other place like it. I'm always impressed at how helpful everyone is. While pricey, the value you get for the easy transportation, wide variety of activities, food options, etc. make paying a little extra well worth it.

    Insider Tip:There are 3 sides of Hong Kong-big city, beach, and hiking. Try to do one aspect of the city each day if you go for several days. I did this and loved the variety. It felt like I had been away for weeks exploring three countries instead of just 3 days in a single place.

  • 60%



    very crowd city, especially in peak season thera are lot of china mainland people in there. but the direction to every tourist spot is very clear

  • 60%


    A Great Place if You Have Contacts

    I liked Hong Kong because it was active and vibrant and exciting. There was never a dull moment on the city streets. However, I'm definitely sure that I would have had a better time had I known someone who lived in the area to take me around. Sure, there are are guided tours and these can be fun for many people, but I was looking for something a little less artificial. Because I didn't know anyone, I was sort of at the mercy of the more commercial attractions. Not bad, but not great either.

    Insider Tip:If you have a friend, connect with them and have them take you around. If not, do A LOT of research beforehand before you visit Hong Kong.

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