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Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is currently the most popular tourist destination in Asia and the instant you arrive you’ll see why.

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Hong Kong City Reviews

  • 70%


    Worth a visit, just don't stay more than 3 days

    Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit. It's a gateway to Asia and so there's enough to see and do. Just don't stay more than 3 days because after that, you start to realize that Hong Kong is mostly just a place to work and not really a place you go to hang out or experience.

  • 30%


    Hong Kong is good if you're a tourist

    Hong Kong is good if you want to be a tourist. After all, it's one of the most international places in the world. The food is decent, but pricey by Asian standards. Customer service is average at best and abysmal at worst. There's lots of shopping and "touristy" things to do, but overall, Hong Kong ain''t much.

  • 70%


    Best Country Ever

    Hong kong negara yang indah dan modern. masyarakatnya mempunyai pemikiran yang terbuka dengan begitu banyaknya jajanan pinggir jalan yang menggugah selera. Tempat yang sangat indah di antara perbukitan dan bangunan-bangunan tinggi

  • 80%


    HK has a great train system (MTR) making it easy to go around. Buy an octopus card and you're good to go!

    Insider Tip:Buy tickets for Disneyland, Ocean Park, Madamme Tussauds or Peak Tram from China Travel Services (CTS). They have lots of branches around HK. They offer tickets in lower price and sometimes with meal. Aside from CTS, you can buy tickets online and take advantage of discount promos on sites. There are lots of phone apps you can download for easy navigation on MTR.

  • 100%


    Beautiful Island with a concrete jungle

    This island has beautiful panoramic views, and with a twist of rat race and business suits at every corner. Since HK, has a strong Financial market, and since the colonization of the British years ago, its very westernized. Its filled with lots of people with money and fancy cars left and right. Sadly, Hong Konger that are lower in status have a difficult time making ends meet. Real Estate has gone higher every year and there's too many high end retail stores. Too me its another concrete jungle.

    Insider Tip:MTR is very easy to understand and to use. taxi are conveniently cheap. Hotels are expensive. food is moderately cheap.

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