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Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong is currently the most popular tourist destination in Asia and the instant you arrive you’ll see why.

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Hong Kong City Reviews

  • 80%


    Busy, dense Western city in Asia

    Lots of places to shop, from shoes to phones. Good transport system. Loads of different things to see and do.

    Insider Tip:Make a day trip to Macau for an exciting addition.

  • 70%


    Hong Kong is not China

    Busy big city with blend of old and new. 10,000 Buddha Temple was great as were the bird and flower markets. Great traditional food in the malls. The escalators up the hill were fun as was the pleasant botanical garden and small zoo. The Star Ferry is a must as is the view from the Peak.

    Insider Tip:Drink plenty of water, haggle for good prices--especially taxi services, and take advantage of those things that are still free.

  • 90%



    Hong Kong is definitely a great city to visit. Coming from mainland China, it was surprising to see how much more expensive everything was: food, clothes, drinks, transportation. Is was also interesting to see how different the culture is. There is definitely a lot to do in a week trip here. There are plenty of museums, bars, restaurants, hiking areas, and other entertainment. It's definitely worth the visit!

    Insider Tip:The subway is very, very big with each stop having exits A1, A2 all the way to N2, etc. Even though the subway is very English-friendly, you can spend way too much time just trying to navigate your way to where you want to go. I recommend having an address and looking up the directions with the exit number and everything before going out, as you can waste a lot of time underground just trying to get to where you want to go.

  • 80%


    Such a Unique Place with a Complicated History!

    I came to Hong Kong to get repairs done on electronics I couldn't get fixed elsewhere. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my visit there! The problem I ran into is that it's not acceptable to linger in a cafe once you're finished. I had a lot of work to do, and Hong Kong wasn't conducive to that. The ferry was such fun though, the food was good, the ladies' market had good shopping, the bird and flower markets picturesque, the History Museum enlightening, and the Peak-well worth seeing!

    Insider Tip:When you take the tram to The Peak, don't buy the extra ticket to go to the top of the building. Instead, ask a staff member how to exit the building and get to historic Lugard Road (completed 1913). Once you exit, follow the street around the right side of The Peak Tower and find the picturesque forest walk with some of the best views of the city with far fewer tourists, and free of charge. What a wonderful, peaceful walk! (After you get to the main overlook of the city, you can turn around and go back.)

  • 80%


    The most complecated but the most attractive city in the world

    I visited HK second time~ sooo many ppl, soooooo many delicious foods, soooooo many fantastic tourist attractions~

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