About Interlaken, Switzerland

Legend tells us that God sent an angel to adorn the earth but as he reached Interlaken he had used up almost his trimmings in other areas. He felt pity for the barren area, however, so he searched his bags and used the last and most beautiful adornments in the area.
While it may well be a legend, it's one that has certainly lived on. The picturesque town of Interlaken has deservedly become recognised as one of Switzerland's top tourist attractions, both for its scenery and also for the multitude of sports and activities that visitors can participate in.

Interlaken has had various names throughout history -Unterseen in Latin, Inderlappon in Celtic - suggesting that in ancient times the area was inhabited by Celts, Romans and the Alemanni. The town itself was first recorded in history in 1130 when a Baron Seliger founded the monastery in the town. Througout the centuries the monastery played a prominent role in Interlaken but following its closure in the late 1500s, Interlaken slowly and surely became a health and holiday resort and it is for this reason that thousands flock to the town every year.

The steep cliffs, icy lakes and raging rivers make it the ideal location for the adrenaline junkies among you. If this is not the type of holiday you have in mind, don't worry. There are activities to suit everyone's tastes, from hill walkers to bungee jumpers, all tastes are catered for.

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