Eating Out in Interlaken, Switzerland

Despite the fact that you may well lose all track of time and place while staying in this Swiss paradise, it may reassure you to know that cuisine from all over will bring you back to Earth with a bang. Italian, Chinese and Thai are just three of the ethnic types of restaurants in Interlaken. If you are feeling adventurous then you should try some of the local specialities. Bernese Rosti - skilleted hash brown potatoes flavoured with bacon or cheese - is extremely popular as is Valaisian Raclette. This is prepared by melting cheese over a fire, scraping it onto a baked potato and garnishing it with meat and vegetables of your choice. If you do not fancy any of these, then an amble around town will certainly provide you with something to whet your appetite.

Restaurants in Interlaken

  • Bebbi's

    Bahnhofstrasse 16, Interlaken, Switzerland

    When the man 'Bebbi' himself is there, no meal in his restaurant is a boring one. A bit of a character, he is very accommodating and can alter any dish in any way. To choose from on the menu you have everything ranging from salad sandwiches to chicken shnitzels. You'll also find Swiss favourite fondue here, with a chocolate version also available.

    Open daily from 10.30am-11pm.

  • Lotus

    Hoheweg 74, Interlaken, Switzerland

    For those of you missing a good old Chinese take-away, then this is one for you. Serving original Chinese specialities, it is open until midnight daily. A nice hot curry might be just what you need to warm you up after a day in the fresh mountain air.

  • Arcobaleno

    Marktgasse 34, Interlaken, Switzerland

    Fancy sucking on spaghetti with the latest flame or in dire need of your weekly fix of pasta, then visit Interlakens popular Italian restaurant. Boasting fresh home made noodles – Italian noodles? – and an extensive variety of pasta dishes and pizza, you will not be disappointed.

  • Aarburg

    Beatenbergstrasse 1, Interlaken, Switzerland

    If you feel brave enough to sample the local delights, Aarburg is where you need to go. A traditional Swiss restaurant serving Raclette, Fondue and Rosti in a warm and friendly atmosphere ensure that you will spend a nice relaxed evening in pleasant surroundings. Note that it does not open on Sundays in summer or winter.

  • Spycher

    Casino-Kursaal, Strandbadstrasse 44, Interlaken, Switzerland

    This is another traditional restaurant, but as well as serving several types of fondue, you also get treated to a Swiss folklore show. As a result of this honour, you do need to make a reservation and the restaurant is closed from December to April.

  • Top o Met Tea Room

    Hoheweg 37, Interlaken, Switzerland

    An ideal place to pick up a cup of tea and a cream bun or you can avail of the buffet lunch from 11.30am to 13.45pm if you feel up to a full meal that early. Also offers live music and entertainment on Thursdays and Saturdays from 2.00pm. It does close at 6.00, however, leaving you plenty of time to get ready for a night on the town.

  • Fujiyama

    Hoheweg 71, Interlaken, Switzerland

    With a name like this it could not be anything other than an original Japanese restaurant. Yes even the Japanese have found Interlaken and with their own native speaking staff in tow –Japanese, not Swiss. Handy if you speak Japanese, otherwise be afraid, be very afraid. Open until 10.00pm nightly.

  • Piz Paz

    Centralstrasse 1, Interlaken, Switzerland

    Unmissable thanks to the fairy lights in the window and the elaborate sign over the door, Pizpaz is one of Interlaken's better Italian restaurants. Pizzas, pastas and meat dishes are all on the menu. They also cater for those with slightly smaller appetites, offering pizzas in small or medium sizes.

    Open daily from 11.30am-10pm.

  • Michel

    cnr Scheidgasse & Hauptstrasse, Interlaken, Switzerland

    This is a dainty little bakery that is just perfect for lunch. While it caters mainly for those guilty of possessing a sweet tooth, they have a small selection of sandwiches too.

    Open 6am-6.30pm Mon-Fri, to 4pm Sat, closed Sun.

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