Things To See in Interlaken, Switzerland

While Interlaken is probably best known for the multitude of adventure sports that you can participate in, it also has some other attractions which you could very easily surpass. While the Castle may not be that easy to miss, you should also visit the castle church, the ancient monastery, and the variety of fascinating old buildings in the area. Another attraction that comes highly recommended is the open air Tell play. This show tells the story of Schiller's William Tell and is performed each year in the Rugen wood at Interlaken. It has been taking place since 1912 and in the decades that have passed since the first performance, hundreds of thousands of spectators have been entertained by this unique attraction.
Of course, the adrenaline pumping sports of Interlaken are the most popular reason for visiting the area and the reason too why the town has become such an important tourist resort for Switzerland. A combination of thrilling snow and water sports practised throughout the year offer something to suit all visitors to the area, and ensure that they want to come back.

Attractions in Interlaken

  • Casino Interlaken

    Strandbadstrasse 44, Interlaken, Switzerland

    If you have not used up all you Swiss Francs on ski courses, boat trips and train tickets and feel a bit reckless, then check out the local casino. With all the usual paraphernalia of a casino as well as a bar which you can kick back in, an excuse to get all dressed up and blow some money seems like a good idea to help ease you’re your aches and pains after a day on the slopes.

  • Schiller’s William Tell

    Rugen Wood, Postfach, Interlaken, Switzerland

    seven hundred people when they were ruled by Austria. The stage is framed by wooden houses built in the exact style used in the thirteenth century and the cast of over 180 are dressed in historical National costumes making the show a creative and colourful one.

    The venue for this unique performance is located within twenty minutes walking distance from the train station and the show takes place between 8.00pm and 10.15pm nightly. Unfortunately it does only run from late June to early September so you do need to make reservations.

  • BLS Shipping Company Lake Cruises

    Interlaken West Train Station, Bahnhofstrase 28, Interlaken, Switzerland

    Because Interlaken is located between two magnificent lakes, Brienz and Thun, it would be a terrible pity to waste their beauty during your stay. Take advantage of the fact, therefore, that there are some wonderful lake steamer cruises already organised for you. You can take a boat to the town of Brienz which is at the far end of the lake and is a quaint little woodcarvers town. It also houses the Swiss Open Air Museum which is well worth a visit. You can also catch a steamer to Thun where you can enjoy unforgettable views from the towers of its medieval castle. As well as day trips, BLS also organise special cruises including sunset, fondue, and jazz trips.

  • Jungfraujoch Railway Line

    Interlaken Ost Train Station, Interlaken, Switzerland

    While taking a train ride may not seem like the most appealing way to spend an afternoon, rest assured that you will not regret this trip. The Jungfraujoch Railway is Europes highest train system climbing to a destination over two miles above sea level. It is a true rollercoaster of journey where you will climb and plunge enough times to make your head spin but totally worthwhile when you do feel brave enough to look out the window. Once you reach your destination you will find plenty to occupy your time there. There is an ice palace which is free with your train ticket, ski lessons, dogsled rides, an observation post and if your stomach is not churning too much, there is also a restaurant where you can sample local cuisine. One thing you should bear in mind is that it is an expensive excursion but you cannot really put a price on the once in a lifetime experience that this is. Trains depart from Interlaken Ost.

  • Alpin Raft

    Postfach 78, Interlaken, Switzerland

    If you fancy rafting a white water river or abseiling down a waterfall, these are the people you need to contact. Offering packages on activities such as bungee jumping, canyoning, rafting, tandem paragliding and skydiving and sea kayaking, Alpin Raft offers an alternative to the everyday Swiss holiday sports, particularly as the main ski season only runs from mid December to mid April. Prices for each activity vary but do include, qualified guides (thankfully!), all necessary equipment, bus transfers and lunch. Should make for some interesting holiday snaps and stories for the folks back home.

  • Swiss Alpine Guides

    Postfach 29, Interlaken, Switzerland

    Now, for the moment you have all being waiting for, the inevitable snow sports. Heli-Ski Guides (Interlaken branch of Swiss Alpine Guides) are just one of the many groups who will lead the way down the slopes for you. Interlaken is less than 30 minutes away from 3 large ski resorts with over 200 km of groomed pistes. Even the experienced skiers and snowboarders among you will be amazed by the number of runs and the views from atop high alpine peaks. The area also has the longest sledding run in Europe (12 km), which proves to be a great night-time activity. The company has been in operation for over fourteen years and offers highly experienced and multi-lingual guides to assist you with whatever you feel like trying out be it private ski instructions, ski or snowboard safaris or easy trekking.

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