Transport in Interlaken, Switzerland

Transport to/from Airport
All major airlines fly into both Zurich and Geneva airports. Interlaken is 2 hours 30 minutes by train from Zurich and 3 hours from Geneva. European airlines fly into Basel airport which is three hours by bus or rail from your destination. Finally, Swiss airlines and all regional airlines fly into Bern and it will take you 1 hour 15 minutes by bus or rail to get to Interlaken from the capital. There are direct train connections to and from Zurich Airport and all major Swiss cities every hour.

Public Transport
A town where you do not actually need a train or a bus to get around makes a refreshing change. Interlaken is built up around the main street, Hoheweg, which has a train station at each end. All the main cafes and bars line Hoheweg meaning that everywhere is accessible on foot. To get to the resorts where all the sporting activities take place you can avail of the Jungfrau Railway. This is the highest railway in Europe and one of the most interesting and terrifying of all mountain lines. For this and all other branch lines into the mountains board at Interlaken Ost.

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