City Guide Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting Istanbul

The only city in the world built on two continents, Istanbul is a unique link between east and west, the perfect guarantee that your visit will be a memorable one.

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Istanbul City Reviews

  • 100%



    Istanbul is a vibrant city but at the same time is full of history. The boat tour on the Bosphorus should be a must for anyone who plans to go to Istanbul. The city also has a great nightlife, with a lot of bars that locals go to around Taksim and more posh clubs around the Europe-Asia bridge. The people are extremely friendly, although some are too friendly that it is a bit eerie.The only downside is that as a solo female traveler, you are likely to be eyed and harassed by some local men.

    Insider Tip:If you are a female traveler, please take into consideration that Turkey is a Muslim country and dress conservatively (with the exception of maybe in night clubs) and avoid areas with few people during day or night. Also, avoid going out at night if you're alone.

  • 90%


    Get to aga Sophia and tokapi palace early to avoid the crowds! Cistern is really cool to see. Going across to the Asian side gives great views!

    Insider Tip:Prince's island is a great day trip away from the hustle and bustle. Nice ferry ride and if you come back late afternoon you get a lovely sunset and view of the city lights.

  • 100%



    If you're having second thoughts don't because this place has the greatest vibe ever! It will keep you wanting to come back for more.

  • 80%



    I liked Istanbul from an aesthetic point of view a lot, but as a lone blonde female, attracted a lot of unwanted attention almost constantly, almost every female foreigner I met had a similar experience. Might not be a bad idea to make friends with a couple guys to tour the bazaars, but it isn't anything to worry about. Try real Turkish coffee!

    Insider Tip:No need for Starbucks in Turkey, go for the legit Turkish coffee from street vendors.

  • 100%


    Unlike anything else you've seen

    Istanbul was an incredible city, unlike any other place I've seen (for the most part). The people of the city are constantly moving and there are beautiful views all over the place. The best is visiting the mosques and especially visiting Hagia Sophia (which is why I went in the first place). Really cool place, great experience.

    Insider Tip:Go to Hagia Sophia! I didn't try it, but treat yourself to a turkish bath, I've heard good things.

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