City Guide Istanbul, Turkey

Visiting Istanbul

The only city in the world built on two continents, Istanbul is a unique link between east and west, the perfect guarantee that your visit will be a memorable one.

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Istanbul City Reviews

  • 40%


    I wish the metro was a little more developed, and I wish the bus system had a map or a way to explain itself to others. Downtown istanbul is really crowded and touristy. But it's still nice.

    Insider Tip:Prince's Island is hilly, so rent a bike at your own risk.

  • 60%


    Not worth the hype

    Largely a dirty city with pushy people. Mosques are beautiful so go only for them. Otherwise, don't bother

    Insider Tip:Istanbul is beautiful from a distance.

  • 80%


    Energetic, hectic, fun, but be on your toes

    One of the most energetic, lively, overwhelming cities I've been. Everyone is in the streets at night, and their conversations join with the shouting of store owners and buskers to make for a festive and hectic atmosphere. The Blue Mosque and Haga Sophia are not to be missed. The museums are decent, but not essential. Get over to the Eastern side too, it's subtly different. The food is amazing. The cafés are excellent. Definitely try Nargile, and the chewy turkish ice cream.

    Insider Tip:If you're traveling alone or in a small group, read up on all the scams on obvious outsiders - especially 'free drinks', 'shoe shine', 'carpet seller' and the various techniques of pick pockets. I was approached about a dozen times in the two weeks I was there, and I even barely thwarted a pick pocketing attempt. Also, if you like walking around, consult your host before taking off in random directions. There are some neighborhoods that are just not safe at night.

  • 50%


    Istanbul was a super cool mix of east and west. I loved the culture and sightseeing and also had a great time partying! Shopping was also super fun, this is where I bought 90% of the souvenirs I bought in my 6 week trip through Europe. A word of caution: the local men are very blatant about staring and cat calling female tourists, my girl companion and I felt very on display and uncomfortable at times. The shopkeepers are super aggressive to both male and female tourists.

  • 100%


    amazing turkey

    turkey was an amazing country and totally different to how its portrayed by the media. its cheap and so much to see and do. theres such a good mixture of foods and drinks and really good partying locations if you want them.

    Insider Tip:go during ramadan it was an experience like no other a complete culture shock

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