City Guide Johannesburg, South Africa

Visiting Johannesburg

A city of vast contrasts from palatial mansions to shantytowns with no electricity, a visit to Johannesburg will leave you with many lasting memories.

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Johannesburg Podcasts

Soweto - South Africa's most famous township

Located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, Soweto is by far the most famous township in South Africa. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Lebo Malepa of Lebo's Soweto Backpackers to discuss the famous township, find out what you can see there and much more.

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Johannesburg Videos

Johannesburg - a video postcard

Take a look around the city for a glimpse at some of the top things to see and do while you're there.

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Johannesburg Pocket Guide

Johannesburg Pocket Guide

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Johannesburg City Reviews

  • 100%


    What a breath taking experience

    I booked a Johannesburg Tour with Moafrika Tours. It was a real experience seeing the Local Township Soweto. And also i went to the apartheid museum. Gaining the knowledge of their history is helped me understand South Africa better.

    Insider Tip:Make sure that you go with a registered tour guide when going into Johannesburg.

  • 60%


    Free n Easy JNB

    The Kruger National Park trip was amzing. However beware of pickpockets. My phone was stolen, partly due to my negligence as well.

    Insider Tip:Take good care of your belongings!

  • 90%


    not like what i heard

    clean and pretty. taxi is too expensive. public transport is poor but cheap and helpfull sametimes. better than that i heard about it.

    Insider Tip:pay attention: no taxi in CBD

  • 80%


    Interesting place

    There's enough to do in Johannesburg especially if you're only here for a few days. The South African Museum of Military History is a very place and there are other attractions such as the Lion Park.

    Insider Tip:Always check with the hostel you're staying at beforehand about what you should be paying the taxi drivers to your various destinations. Also check that the taxi driver - before you get in the cab - that they know how to get to where you want to go. Johannesburg is a big place and anyone can become a taxi driver and often the taxi drivers have no clue about different destinations, and, they don't seem to know how to operate a GPS or read a map.

  • 70%


    Wild and authentic

    In Johannesburg you will find everything: poor areas, but vibrant; rich areas, but not boring. Security is always an issue. But it is not worth to care about too long. Just enjoy the time with these friendly people.

    Insider Tip:Yeoville: real african life where life is always on street.

South Africa: Itinerary

In terms of travelling, South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world. You can leave a bustling city and then seek refuge beside a tranquil beach before heading off into the wilds of the game parks on safari.

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