Transport in Johannesburg, South Africa

Getting There
Johannesburg International Airport is situated in Kempton Park which is about twenty kilometres outside the city centre and all major international carriers have a direct service to and from the city. Once you are ready to leave the terminal there are a variety of ways in which to travel to the Central Business District. The Magic Bus Shuttle travels to the northern suburbs every half hour and will cost you R65. The Impala bus service operates between Terminal 3 and Park Station in downtown Johannesburg with a departure every forty-five minutes between 6.15am and 9.15pm daily. It costs R60. The Johannesburg Airport Shuttle also leaves from Terminal 3 and travels to the Sandton area and costs R75. Finally, there are numerous taxi ranks outside the terminals. Ensure that you get a metred taxi and the fare should be between R120 and 140 to the Sandton area. It is also worth noting that many hostels organise free pick-ups from the airport for their guests which you need to look into before you arrive.

Getting Around
Johannesburg’s public transport system consists of a bus network and a series of minibus taxi routes. It is worth noting, however, that neither service is very reliable after dark and you will have to rely on the numerous taxi services in the city. While they are quite expensive, you really don’t have a choice as it is much too dangerous to walk around the city.

Before dark, however, the main bus station is located off Eloff Street and you will find information pertaining to all routes here. Be aware that the posted schedules are rarely adhered to so if you do have a certain place to be allow plenty of time. The other alternative to the less than reliable bus service is a minibus taxi but you should really ask around about their safety before availing of this service as the ranks are often located in particularly high crime areas. Furthermore, many drivers are unlicensed . It is recommended that you never take a minibus taxi alone and that you do not use them for long distance journeys either as they prove expensive. You should also plan a route before departure as they are usually packed and you may well miss your stop if you haven’t organised how you are getting there with the driver before you leave.

Finally, when it comes to taxis, always ensure that it is a metred car. Ranks can be found in the city centre and at the corner of Kenmere Street and Raleigh Street in the Yeoville district. In other parts of the city they are usually located nearby the bigger shopping centres. The usual charge is about R5 per kilometre but you should try to negotiate a price before leaving to avoid being overcharged.

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