City Guide Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Visiting Kuala Lumpur

The Malay capital has a pleasant mix of the old and the new. This is Malaysia’s chief city and is the country’s commercial and transportation centre. But wander around and you will find some of the city’s older architecture still standing strong. It’s fast paced way of life makes it a great place to visit, whether for a holiday or as a stop-over between destinations.

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Kuala Lumpur Podcasts

Inside the Petronas Towers

Azman Ibrahim of Petronas speaks to Colm on the Skybride of Kuala Lumpur's famous Petronas Towers. In this podcast he tells him how you can get access to the bridge, what Petronas actually do and the impression Sean Connery made on him!

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Kuala Lumpur Videos

How to get tickets for 'Skybridge' at the Petronas Towers

Watch our video to find out how to gain access to the 'Skybridge' at the Petronas Towers

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Kuala Lumpur Pocket Guide

Kuala Lumpur Pocket Guide

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Kuala Lumpur City Reviews

  • 40%


    Worst vacation

    I found the transportation in Malaysia to be difficult. In the sense you needed to take more than one method of transport to get to an attraction. Also the prices were too high for an asian country and the value did not match the price. So a dorm room with a fan was about 10 dollars but should be 5. I found the food to be unappealing but this is just my opinion it was always sold cold and when ordering it is buffet style and you just pick an item with them telling you the price later.

    Insider Tip:If you do go make sure to keep your trip short I messed up and did a 30 day trip but left after 11 days. Everything can be seen in a day or too. Also it is muslim country so parties and drinking is not going to be a hot topic there.

  • 100%


    Excellent city to visit

    One of my favourite citites. Modern, yet very cheap. Reasonably safe. Public transport is good compared to most Asian cities. Good range of activities. And if something is farther away, it can be reached by a cheap flight thanks to Air Asia!

  • 80%


    My KL trip

    Sightseeing-wise, nothing much besides the usual attractions like KLCC, KL tower. Batu cave. However the food choice is plenty and actually tasty. And the best thing is the shopping is cheap compared to its neighbor Singapore

    Insider Tip:- Use Uber if you are travelling in 4, much cheaper and faster than public transport. Uber can be used for airport transfer as well. - You can you 1 day trip from KL to Melaka (1.5h-2h one way). Ask anyone of the Uber driver if they are willing to drive you full day to Melaka. Price is around 350-400 RM all-in.

  • 80%


    Surprisingly green!

    KL is definitely the biggest city in Malaysia and apparently quite beautiful and green! We enjoyed seeing that many trees combined with the high building of banks etc. With good food, a very lively Chinatown but great diversity throughout the whole city a city worth visiting!

    Insider Tip:Found really tasty food and beautiful decoration in Chinatown at night

  • 80%


    One Night In KL

    I had a great one night stay in KL! Meet some very friendly locals who took from around many of the bars near the twin towers (including sky bar which was super impressive). Had a great time :)

    Insider Tip:If you aren't on a super tight budget the super fast train in to the city is a great way to quickly get into the city and avoid alot of traffic :)

Malaysia: Itinerary

Used mainly as a stopover point for those travelling between Europe and Australasia, Kuala Lumpur has lots to offer. For those who choose to stay there longer than one night are rewarded with some of South-East Asia’s most fascinating architecture, from both the ancient world and the modern.

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