About Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About Kuala Lumpur

Walking around Kuala Lumpur it soon becomes evident that this city is a fusion of old and new. The world’s second tallest building is here standing at 1,483 feet tall and not far from there are small houses where the older Kuala Lumpur is more evident.

Situated at the confluence of the River Klang and the River Gombak, KL (as it is more widely known) is a relatively new city, having only been founded in 1857 by Chinese tin miners. It was soon invaded by the British who stayed until 1957 when Malaysia declared its independence.

The Malay capital is undoubtedly a business centre, and some of the city’s industries include tin-mining (surviving from the 19th century) and rubber growing. It also enjoys a steady amount of tourism as it is a popular stop-off point for those travelling between the northern and southern hemispheres.

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