City Guide La Paz, Bolivia

Visiting La Paz

Officially known as La Paz de Ayacucho, Bolivia’s biggest city isn’t the official capital (which is Sucre), instead the ‘administrative’ capital. This makes it the highest capital in the world at an altitude of 12,000 feet.

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La Paz City Reviews

  • 90%


    City of stars

    nice city, gorgeous view at night. pretty secure and the people are quite nice except the vendors which do not seem tgo want to sell anything and might seem a bit rude from time to time.

    Insider Tip:Go up the teleferico to see the whole city at night. Eat at the mercado. And enjoy!

  • 90%


    La Paz

    I love this city! La Paz is crazy- hidden in a gorge/valley with the sprawling mass of El Alto surrounding it, it really does take your breath away. The markets and cultural norms are fascinating to watch come to life and the colonial influence can be seen as you cross the different sections of the city. Evo is certainly making his mark among the people- let's hope he keeps raising the minimum wage!

    Insider Tip:The Redcap walking tour is great- loads of information about Bolivia as a country over the last hundred years or so- absolutely fascinating. The Rellenos in the market are brilliant- like a mini shepherds pie to take away.... add hot sauce for excellent flavours! Read 'Marching Powder' to realise anything and everything can happen in Bolivia! The public transport cable cars are an innovation- apparently the red line gives you the best views of the city (we didn't have time to go unfortunately)

  • 90%


    La Paz, Bolivia

    La Paz is not the most beautiful city and it feels a lot poorer than the rest of the continent. In fact at one point, somebody just grabbed me and starting crying telling me that things were so difficult there.... but you know- I had a good time and it's dirt cheap. It has the obligatory main square which is 'ight but it's just an interesting 'looking' city. Every road appears to be at a different altitude and it's surrounded by mountains. Probably won't go back but it's worth a visit.

    Insider Tip:Bus tour is a lot more informative than the walking tour. Stay for three days and climb the local mountains.

  • 30%


    cheaper in food, lots traffic

    lots traffic there, cheaper overall. walking up and down in the street, need to well prepare for the height altitude. it is a country always on strike, so make sure you are aware of the development order to arrange your plan.

  • 80%


    La Paz is AWESOME

    Cracking city to explore, except for all the pigeons in the main square, it was a great town and very affordable. getting around the town is quite stressfull to be honest, but its a great place to visit

    Insider Tip:Take teh cable car - it is cheap and takes you up to a local market that stretches for miles where you can buy everything from used car parts to football shirts and food. its all locals though, so dont excpect any english! also, look for an excellent italian restaurant run by a french guy on the edge of the tourist district. he offers amazinb value lunches and dinners! i think it was on the end of linares, but is basically down from the the withces market

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